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ranger 01-31-03 10:53 AM

TV-out problem
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Hey all,

I have a Creative GF4TI4600 card and I'm running debian linux.

I got the tv-out to work by setting the TV as the primary display. I have some problems with the twinview. I want to close the CRT on the TV at lower resolutions.

Using twinview I can get something on the TV but nothing on the CRT, and I really cant see why.

Hope someone will take 2 seks to look at my config and tell what might be wrong.

Thanks in advance. :)

ranger 01-31-03 11:01 AM

I meant I wanted to CLONE the CRT on the TV at lower resolutions. hehe.

ranger 01-31-03 11:07 AM

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I thought I might post the X log also if it can help.
Plz. help me. I've spent hours on this.

Ygriega 01-31-03 12:10 PM

Try to delete or uncomment the line "ConnectedMonitor".

I had a similar problem long before and that was the solution.

ranger 01-31-03 05:07 PM

When I comment the ConnectedMonitor line my CRT works fine and there is nothing on the TV. In the log file I then see XFree only detects my CRT and therefore disables TwinView. I need that line. When I use only the TV alone it works. It MUST be possible to enable both TV and CRT at the same time.

All GF4 have TV-out. Someboby must know what might help. I'm sure its just a detail of a problem by I can't solve it. That's why I posted here. I keep my fingers crossed and hope help will turn up.

Ygriega 01-31-03 05:22 PM

Keep the ConnectedMonitor line commented out and change the MetaModes line to the following:

Option "MetaModes" "1280x1024,800x600@1280x1024; 1024x768,800x600@1024x768; 800x600,800x600; 640x480,640x480"

P.S: You can edit these options with a little GUI -> see my signature

ranger 01-31-03 06:15 PM

Thanks for your help. I saddly must say my problem remains unsolved.

I also tried your little GUI. :) Nice work!! But didn't solve the problem.

Without the Connected Monitors XFree simply doesn't find the TV and cancels TwinView. Maybe it's because the TV is old? But I CAN get it to work if I set it as the only monitor.

Is there a reason why the CRT goes out when the TV goes on? There must be a way to keep the CRT on. Is it because it gets too low refreshrates? It shouldn't be, as the XF86config gives it the right ones.

It's weird. The CRT and TV works perfectly when they are primary, just not together.
I suspect the ConnectedMonitor line to contain a syntax error.

Any other suggestions? plz.

TozZMania 02-01-03 05:51 AM

hey all

i have the same prob with my gf4ti4200 :((
one time i have only my tv screen and my tft = notthing
i use olso yanc but it doesn't help me out
i have a 15" tft and a tv what r the best MetaModes for that

thx for the help

ps : the best thing to do is to ask someone that has a good twinview config to post his XF86config-4 file for us :))

bye bye

Ygriega 02-01-03 05:57 AM

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Sorry but I didn't find a way out.

I post my XF86Config, perhaps you'll find a solution.

ranger 02-02-03 06:13 AM

Thanks for your help.

Your config file doesn't contain the ConnectedMonitor line. It's probably because your TV gets autodetected so you don't need it. But my it's so if I skip the line, the TV doesn't exist.

Anyway, thanks for trying to help. :)

If someone has genious idea, please post.

Ygriega 02-02-03 06:22 AM

It's even stranger.

If I add the ConnectedMonitor line, only the TV will recieve a signal from the graphics card, so I have to delete this line for a correct functionality. :eek:

ranger 02-02-03 08:04 AM

That's exactly the problem I have.

You can delete the line because your TV get autodetected, but I need it to force a signal on the TV-out.
Do you have any idea why the CRT turns off? Is it a bug in the nvidia drivers?
ConnectedMonitor should work. Maybe we syntax it wrongly.

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