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KingFish 01-31-03 08:12 PM

XV_BRIGHTNESS on a TNT2 - driver bug or unsupprted?

I've just found out (after hours of searching the net) that the lack of adjustability to the brightness on a linux box with a TNT2 (Ultra in my case) and the XV extensions is a lack of support in the driver.
I've blamed mplayer dev's several times about this, 'cause I thought they were to blame, but obviously (after a quick and fast xvinfo ^^) you see the that the nvidia drivers lacks support for it. As long as the driver does not support XV_BRIGHTNESS you'll have to stick to a dark screen - no xvattr, xgamma or similar tools will work!
My big question is now: is a TNT2 (Ultra) generally unable to support the XV_BRIGHTNESS or is it just a silly and annoying bug in the nvidia driver (using latest build 4180, tried several others) ???
Hope someone is able to help me, else I'll poke nvidia directly...

Thx, bye

bwkaz 02-01-03 12:17 AM

Re: XV_BRIGHTNESS on a TNT2 - driver bug or unsupprted?

Originally posted by KingFish
(using latest build 4180,
You have an as-yet-unreleased AMD Opteron chip? I doubt that...

Build 4180 is for the AMD 64-bit platform, formerly called the Hammer, and now called the Opteron. No one has one of them, because they don't yet quite exist. You want 4191, the IA-32 version. That may very well be the source of your problems -- note my xvinfo:


    number of attributes: 9
      "XV_BRIGHTNESS" (range -512 to 511)
              client settable attribute
              client gettable attribute (current value is 0)

Although this is on a GF4, so it is possible that your hardware won't work with it. However, if you installed 4180, then it is very likely that you don't even have the driver set up right. Get rid of anything you have now, and install 4191 (or even 3123).

KingFish 02-01-03 04:13 AM

d'oh, baka me!
sry, of course I have the IA32 driver 4191, messed up a bit with the versions..
here's my output with xvinfo (is the same on 4191 and previous 3123, though) :


    number of attributes: 4
      "XV_DOUBLE_BUFFER" (range 0 to 1)
              client settable attribute
              client gettable attribute (current value is 1)
      "XV_COLORKEY" (range 0 to 16777215)
              client settable attribute
              client gettable attribute (current value is 66046)
      "XV_AUTOPAINT_COLORKEY" (range 0 to 1)
              client settable attribute
              client gettable attribute (current value is 1)
      "XV_SET_DEFAULTS" (range 0 to 0)
              client settable attribute

as you see, no XV_BRIGHTNESS (and to speak of it, neither XV_SATURATION nor XV_HUE)

sry again, hope anybody knows something about it...


bwkaz 02-01-03 07:39 AM

Oh. Hehe. Well, yeah, it might be that the chip just doesn't support it. If the 3123 driver told you the same thing, then I'd say that the problem is the TNT2. That xvinfo run was with 3123 on a GF4 Ti4200.

You say you can't even use something like xgamma -gamma 3.0? The xgamma program uses the XFree86-VidModeExtension to do its thing normally (at least, according to the man page it does), and I don't see why the TNT2 wouldn't support VidMode...

KingFish 02-01-03 08:12 AM

well, xgamma works fine, but only on non-XV windows, namely complete X will get bright, just the mplayer output window will stay dark :(

Hurray, just found out how to work around this:
My main problem with birghtness was in mplayer; due to a slow CPU I have to use hardware accelareted XV output (though SDL), else movies won't play smooth. And XV_BRIGHTNESS wasn't available so no play around. Using X11 FrameBuffer output got me brighter output but dropped frames as hell. Well, now I just discovered this: if you use mplayer with the '-vop eq' command it will enable software 'scaling' and proccesses the frame before sending it for output. Of course this will cost some CPU power, but it works!
So, everybody messing with the same prob (slow CPU, bad graphic card (at least for linux :( ), bad monitor (dark as hell) etc ) just invoke mplayer everytime with -vop eq (or place vop=eq in ~/.mplayer/config ;) ) and then keys 1-4 (1: -conrast, 2: +contrast, 3: -brightness, 4: +brightness) will work! If you even have a faster CPU you may also use vop=eq2 (which is a lot slower) but you can also change the gamma directly (keys 5-8, I think)

"Another (linux) mystery well solved! :D"

Hope this will help other ppl, too ;)

Bye and thx alot bwkaz!


bwkaz 02-01-03 08:19 AM

Glad you got something that worked!

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