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AdamWG 05-10-06 01:19 AM

Dual monitors
Hi all,

I've just ordered myself a flashy new Athlon64 X2 system with an nVidia video card, since my current FX5200 has served my quite well. I run dual monitors, and currently I use the nvidia driver and the TwinView features to acheive this. It works quite nicely. This is all under Linux.

However, on my new system, I'd like to make the switch to FreeBSD. Unfortunately, I've noticed that there's no 64-bit nvidia driver for FreeBSD, and that it doesn't appear that one is on the way any time soon. Now, I can live without 3D acceleration. It's a nice feature to have, but I don't use it much. So, using the nv driver is certainly not out of the question.

My question is: can the nv driver on FreeBSD run two monitors off the same (dual-headed) card? This doesn't work under Linux (it says the requested entity is already in use), but I'm hoping that maybe something is different in the FreeBSD version of the driver.

If not, what is my best option? Use the i386 version of FreeBSD? I was really hoping to run a 64-bit OS on my new 64-bit machine, but dual monitors are not something I can sacrifice for this.

Cheers, all.

bsduser 07-10-06 01:25 PM

Re: Dual monitors
there is an answer , but nvidia wont like it

its called use ATI Radeon

i wish i had

zander 07-10-06 01:55 PM

Re: Dual monitors
@AdamWG: at this point, the nv driver supports a single display device, only; I'm afraid that until a FreeBSD amd64 driver can be made available (see http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/show...&postcount=172), using the FreeBSD i386 driver probably is your best choice.

bsduser 07-11-06 01:55 PM

Re: Dual monitors
Zander , can you please post me a status on the nvidia driver

what im looking for is estimate date if at all ?
what is currently being done re amd64 drivers is work progressing and if so what stage are they at ?
will i386 driver work on amd64freebsd

is there any support for 2 monitors using nvidia 32 bit drivers

and also what are the plans for NVraid support
will it be included in 7.0 kernal is there a patch
how can it be detected on boot so i can install on to it

zander 07-11-06 02:15 PM

Re: Dual monitors
@bsduser: I don't have a date for FreeBSD amd64 drivers, there are a number of technical problems that need to be resolved for which no schedule exists at this point (please see the thread linked to above). The FreeBSD ia32 driver will not work on FreeBSD amd64, but it will work on FreeBSD ia32 installed on amd64/em64t systems; this driver includes support for multiple monitors (TwinView, Xinerama, etc.). I can't comment on NVraid (in general, not just on FreeBSD) as I'm mostly unfamiliar with it.

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