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Hellfire 07-27-02 09:53 PM

Dual Monitor in W2k Help!
Welcome back!!!!

Here is my problem.
I can not get Dual View in W2kpro.

I am running W2Kpro and WinXPpro as dual boot, in XP when I go to the "Display Properties" and click on the tab "Settings" I get dual view mode which shows two displays, but in W2k when I do the same steps I do not.

I do not want to use Nvidia's nView, besides I don't have to use it in XP.

I remember reading a thread somewhere here that metion this problem and it had a fix for it.

It had to do with changing a value in the registry. I'm thinking since this is a single card with two monitor outputs the system sees this card as a single video card. It's when you install the driver it should change a value in the registry and then the system should see it as two.

Is this wrong thinking?

Does anybody know where to change this key?

Please Help!

Northwood 07-28-02 06:10 PM

I have this same problem in WinXPpro using nview. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this?

Hellfire 07-28-02 07:30 PM

The matrox g400 is a dualhead card and you are able to run both monitors with one card in W2k with it. Some people are saying that it has to do with the driver.

I know I read a post on this forum that gave the tweek in the registry to make this happen with any dual head card.

Please help!

I'm asking on this forum because it has some of the brightest and the most talented computer know it all's in the world.


nutsnbolts 09-02-02 12:30 PM

I have the titan3 Geforce3 OCZ video card. I just recently gotten myself another monitor and a DVI connector. However, when I hooked up everything there is no options in display properties > settings regarding extending my desktop, etc.

I'm trying to figure out what is going on? Anyone can give me some insight in this? Is it the video card? or is etc..

Hellfire 09-02-02 07:25 PM

Hey nutsnbolts,
First off are you running Windows 2000. If the answer is yes then read on.

If that card can use the Nvidia drivers (which it should) then go straight to nVidia and dowloaded their drivers (ver. 30.82).

Then go to display properties> settings> advanced> (Name of your card tab)> Then click on the additional properties button, go to the desktop utilities tab and at the bottom you will see the option to "treat multiple outputs on an nView-capable board as seperate display devices."

This option allows windows 2000 to see both monitors and work in "native" multimonitor mode. You then follow the steps as you normally would to set up dual monitors in windows without using nVeiw.

Hope this works for you.

ss1 09-02-02 07:49 PM


Have been able to run two monitors of different sizes i.e a 19" Monitor and a 15" LCD, at both individual resolutions and refresh rates?

The reason I'm asking is because when I tried to this before I had to decrease the resolution of my 19" to make it the same as my LCD otherwise the LCD wouldn't function.


Hellfire 09-02-02 09:47 PM

Hello ss1,
I noticed from your signature that you are using 27.42 Dets. Is this correct or did you not update you signature? What has happened between now and then? That now it works, but before it did not. It might have been a limited set within the driver that you were using.

A lot of problems deal with the video drivers. As you know drivers allow the features of your video card to work. If they are not written correctly problems happen.

Until ver. 30.82 of the Nvidia drivers you could not get the native Windows dual view mode in Windows 2000 to get individual resolutions and refresh rates. You had to use nView and IMHO this did not work for me.

I hope this has help in a small way.

nutsnbolts 09-02-02 10:58 PM

I am actually using winxp. However, I did try the drivers 30.82 as opposed to the latest 40.?? drivers. I got to as far as the "DESKTOP UTILITIES TAB" I didn't see any...

treat multiple outputs on an nView-capable board as seperate display devices.

Any other suggestions? I don't see how this video card should have any problems...

Hellfire 09-03-02 01:06 AM

Is that WinXP Home or Pro? Who makes this card? I think this is funny, but I went to OCZ Technology and they had no info on this card or any video cards; just info on memory and heat sinks.

I had no problems in WindowsXP Pro using dual view with pre 30.xx drivers. When you removed the 40.xx drivers did you uninstall the adapter within the Device Manager, so XP would have to reload the adapter with the defualt VGA driver? Then install the 30.82 driver.

SnakeEyes 09-03-02 06:38 AM

Your card is a GeForce3. Only GF2MX/GF4MX/GF4Ti cards can do dualhead display. With GeForce three, the two video output connectors are mutually exclusive, and are there mainly to allow you a choice of connection type based on whatever monitor you have (ie. use the VGA for most normal monitors or the DVI for better quality flat panels.).

Sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news.

nutsnbolts 09-03-02 08:12 AM

Well now at least I know. I figured it might be the lack of the capabilities the video card I have. I was crossing my fingers that it wasn't that but I dont' know much about dual displays and video card capabilities. After much research, I started to see that the video cards you listed were pretty much the video cards I saw that had these capabilities.

Oh well, now it's time for me to go look for one.

ss1 09-03-02 08:23 AM

Ok thxs Hellfire :). Yeah I'm still using the 27.42's since I haven't found another Det's which runs UT in D3D without any glitches. I'll update to the 30.82's if I need the nView again :).



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