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zyklon69 05-15-06 12:14 AM

Poor 3dmark score??
2700.. :(


Is this normal?!

Salamandar 05-15-06 12:21 AM

Re: Poor 3dmark score??
Would be a good idea to show us your PC specs.

zyklon69 05-15-06 12:23 AM

Re: Poor 3dmark score??
Link doesnt show? Anyhow

7900 gt 550/1580
p4 3.4 preschott
2 gig ddr2
dual 74 rpm raptors

Salamandar 05-15-06 12:31 AM

Re: Poor 3dmark score??
ya these scores are not right at all, are you sure you ahve installed drivers correctly for your system?

Try uninstall the drivers for your graphics card and use newer drivers like the 87.25 set.

keep us updated.

zyklon69 05-15-06 01:04 AM

Re: Poor 3dmark score??
I tried the whql 84.21 and still same poor score.

K-1 05-15-06 02:43 AM

Re: Poor 3dmark score??

Originally Posted by zyklon69

post the Compare URL, not the project detail link. but yea, that's definitely not right, a 7900GT should be getting around 4000 in 3DMark 06. more importantly, how are your games running?

DarkJedi664 05-15-06 10:19 AM

Re: Poor 3dmark score??
i'm guessing thats an 06 score. with my 79gt i get 5295. i'm guessing it's because of your processor. sorry but p4's arent the best for gaming.

zyklon69 05-15-06 11:27 AM

Re: Poor 3dmark score??
uhh.. I know amd's for now are better for gaming, buuuuuuut no, my score should be around 4500ish, as i see that other people are getting this score.

zyklon69 05-15-06 12:17 PM

Re: Poor 3dmark score??

Seems that we both have the same cpu, but mine is 600 points off in the cpu test..

DarkJedi664 05-15-06 12:20 PM

Re: Poor 3dmark score??
if games arent effected, dont worry about it. also, dual core cpu's really benefit in 06. whats ur 05 score? i'm getting around 9600.

Salamandar 05-15-06 12:40 PM

Re: Poor 3dmark score??
If you have you graphics card drivers installed correctly, then what about your motherboard drivers?

zyklon69 05-15-06 12:59 PM

Re: Poor 3dmark score??
6350 in 3dmark 05.
salamander im 100% sure i got the video drivers installed correctly, as for the mainboard.. i will check on that. Thanks

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