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GJoz 02-03-03 05:19 AM

rh 8 wont start
i followed 2 instructions from here(the kernel source one(by bwkaz,in a thread),and the one by steel(only i didnt edit xf******)
when it would start,at log it says:
initializing GLX

caught signal 11.server stopped

any ideeas?

GJoz 02-03-03 06:10 AM

i realized that i didnt change nv to nvidia
i changed
now the problem is with nvidia kernel
i deleted glx and that too
rebuilt nvidia kernel
and i got the same error like first time(this is theproblem i think)
cant ompile because this was made for kernel 2.4.18-19.8.0custom and i use kernel 2.4.18-19.8.0
how can i update it to the one i compiled?will i have problems?

bwkaz 02-03-03 07:38 AM

In your /usr/src/linux-2.4.18-19.8.0/Makefile, change EXTRAVERSION=-19.8.0custom to EXTRAVERSION=-19.8.0 (i.e. delete the "custom" part).

Then, make mrproper oldconfig dep again, go back to the NVIDIA_kernel directory, and do a make clean && make to recompile the kernel module.

That should fix it.

GJoz 02-03-03 07:42 AM

thanks,ill try
i'll be back in few mins and i'll tell you if it works or not

GJoz 02-03-03 08:04 AM

thanks it works
at start,beforelogin nvidia logo appears
tux racer goes great now
only the second beat displayer in xmms is still slow(not the standard,the another one),and ideaas?
u rule!

bwkaz 02-03-03 12:44 PM

Is that an xmms visualization?

I haven't ever used xmms, so I don't know what to try... is there anything in the documentation? If the "first one" works, could you perhaps just use it?

GJoz 02-04-03 02:58 AM

yes,its that visualization near where it says track title,in main window
the first is going in high frame rate(it worked before driver too),but second in very low frame rate
third is nothing
also,is that normal that i cant select 32 bit colors?
also that i can select enable 3d acceleration in display below my video card(geforce 4 (generic) - nvidia)
take care

bwkaz 02-04-03 06:56 AM

Not being able to select HW acceleration is normal -- the GUI app thingy doesn't understand how it works with nVidia cards.

In X, there is no such thing as 32-bit color modes. Use 24-bit modes, they are exactly the same. Windows' "32-bit" mode is just 24 bits of color and 8 bits of padding anyway, so there's no difference.

GJoz 02-04-03 07:09 AM

all works fine then
thank you
without your help,and steel's i would never got it to work

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