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littlesniper 05-25-06 12:56 PM

how to switch to Nvagp 1 ?
I would like to see if there is a problem with the agpgart linux driver (I have X freeze).
So I put Nvagp=1 so as to let the nvidia agp do the job. However I have a disable answer from the cat /proc/driver/nvidia/ag/status, even if I put "blacklist agpgart" and "blacklist amd64_agp" in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.
Ive tried to go in make menuconfig to remove agpgart, but I cant uncheck it as it is needed by something else in the kernek conf, that I cannot find out.

Is there something Im missing to succeed ?

My nvidia drivers were running very fine in suse 9.3. What's wrong ?!

Lethe 05-25-06 01:23 PM

Re: how to switch to Nvagp 1 ?
Two things:

Check out /hotplug/blacklist to to stop the agpgart module loading.

Also in kernel .config will be the chipset options under the agpgart select - these need to be removed also.

In your kernel tree, use:

> make menuconfig

and use the ncurses version - it shows this when the agpgart is removed.



Symbol: AGP [=n]                                                                                                                │
  │ Prompt: /dev/agpgart (AGP Support)                                                                                              │
  │  Defined at drivers/char/agp/Kconfig:1                                                                                        │
  │  Depends on: (ALPHA || IA64 || PPC || X86) && !GART_IOMMU                                                                      │
  │  Location:                                                                                                                    │
  │    -> Device Drivers                                                                                                          │
  │      -> Character devices                                                                                                      │
  │  Selected by: FB_I810 && FB && EXPERIMENTAL && PCI && X86_32 || FB_INTEL && FB && EXPERIMENTAL && PCI && X86_32

littlesniper 05-25-06 05:31 PM

Re: how to switch to Nvagp 1 ?
hmm what you show seems like there are many dependencies right ?
And by the way is my A8vdeluxe (K8T800 chip I guess) is supported by the nvidia agp anyway ?

littlesniper 05-26-06 12:35 PM

Re: how to switch to Nvagp 1 ?
1 Attachment(s)
Ive finally succeeded to remove agpgart from my kernel, with a lot of efforts.
But now Nvagp 1, sends me a failure. X works, but the agp part is shown as disable. :mad: !!!! (pb) (pirate)
What should I do ?? My mb is an asus a8v-deluxe

At least I know how to optimise my kernel now :-/ (its so messy and full of old stuffs)
And Ive tweaked my kernel so that the onboard soundcard is enable even if I have a pci one as well eheh (but shush dont say it too loud, asus would kill me)

Lethe 05-26-06 01:13 PM

Re: how to switch to Nvagp 1 ?
I am sorry, I can't help - you have all different hardware than I am used to, so don't know what to see. Your dmesg is pretty messy too - there is a lot of stuff going on on things you don't have.

Building kernel is an experience thing - you can only learn it by doing it, and learning what you do wrong each time until you start to understand it all. But it is good to learn, because then you will end up with a really super fast machine, and begin to see why some things crash and fix it in minutes!


littlesniper 05-27-06 11:42 AM

Re: how to switch to Nvagp 1 ?
up pls help me !
no solution yet

cdrw 08-16-06 06:33 PM

Re: how to switch to Nvagp 1 ?
My understanding is that you have 64-bit kernel? If so then removing agpgart is pretty easy:
1) Processor type and features -> uncheck K8 GART IOMMU support
2) Character devices -> uncheck /dev/agpgart (AGPGART Support) ----> this should be done automatically when you do step 1)

This works well in vanilla kernels, specific distro may add extra dependencies.

Wolfman [TWP] 08-16-06 09:12 PM

Re: how to switch to Nvagp 1 ?
Or you can simply add agp=off to the kernel commandline (In grub) and that will allow you to use the nvAGP=1 in your xorg.conf file.. Worked for me.. No need to modify the kernel and rebuild it..


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