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Dr_s99 05-27-06 03:48 AM

lm_sensors and LINUX
I got my lm_sensors, working ... for my AMD computer but my problem is that the reading for the voltage is off :D (for some Vcore is oky for rest is 2x the value it suppose to be :D ) any ideas how i could fix this?

chunkey 05-27-06 05:14 AM

Re: lm_sensors and LINUX
take a look @ /etc/sensors.conf (or Suse's name for it) read the _header_ of the file and look for your hw sensor and change the "compute" directives... (maybe you've to delete one, or remove a * 2 or / .5 ...)

you can adopt your changes when run (as root) sensors -s /etc/sensors.conf... (now check the values again!)

(since you did neither say which hw sensor you have nor what the exact output
look like, you've to do all by yourself! :D)

example / fresh sensors.conf

BashfulTux 05-27-06 09:40 AM

Re: lm_sensors and LINUX
Also if using gkrellm to do the monitoring then there is no need to modify the sensors.conf file it has adjustments you can make in the configuration.

Dr_s99 05-27-06 04:07 PM

Re: lm_sensors and LINUX
thank you!

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