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asg 02-03-03 07:28 PM

libextmod.a is unresolved! - error
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My problem:

I installed the new nVidia 1.0-4191 driver from the tar files and the installation ran smoothly. But I couldn't start X because of libextmod.a is unresolved! errors. Commenting out Load "extmod" in the "Module" section of XF86Config makes it possible to start X and everything seems to run smoothly. Though the "Enable Hardware 3D Acceleration" option in the Display Setting window is deemed out. I don't know what extmod gives access to and what I am "loosing" by commenting it out. Could someone explain that please? Could someone help me resolve the problem and enabling extmod?

My system:

CPU: Pentium 4 with 2.4 GHz
Chipset: Intel 845PE
GPU: nVidia GeForce4 MX 420 with 64MB
Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 750 (M)s(T)
OS: RedHat 8.0 3.2-7
Kernel version: 2.4.18-19.8.0

asg 02-03-03 07:33 PM

libextmod.a is unresolved! - error
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I forgot to say that I had the same problem with the older version of the driver on the same system. I also attach my XF86Config

njt1982 02-03-03 07:45 PM

hardware acceleration
I have tho no hardware acceleration problem too, although mine is running ok with the Load "extmod" left in. I can play Quake 3 using OpenGL okay... But Wine wont install with openGL cos my hardware box id de-ticked (I assume)

bwkaz 02-04-03 06:49 AM

Change Load "extmod" to this:


SubSection "extmod"
    # Option "omit xfree86-dga"  # uncomment this to get rid of DGA if it gives you a problem

That's the way I've always seen extmod set up, not with a Load line.

I don't know if it matters or not, but it's at least something to try...

That "HW acceleration" checkbox thingy doesn't work because the program you're using doesn't understand the nVidia drivers. So since it doesn't know how to turn on hardware acceleration, it grays itself out and assumes that it's off. This does not affect Wine at all.

The thing that affects Wine is whether or not --enable-opengl was passed to it when it was ./configure'd (and whether or not you have usable libGL.so and /usr/include/GL/gl*.h files). If you installed a prebuilt binary, then it is certainly possible, and probably quite likely, that whoever built it didn't use that option. Even if you built it yourself, you have to check the output of the configure script manually, to make sure it thinks your headers and libs are usable.

njt1982 02-04-03 01:20 PM

Config file
My config file says that openGL in unavaible (doens't say enable anyway!). I downloaded Wine (might be WineX, cant remember) myself and did compile. The nVidia Drivers were all done from SRPM's... Help your Diagnostic? :-)

bwkaz 02-04-03 02:24 PM

asg, sorry about the thread hijacking. This wine-specific stuff should probably be handled some other way, but I'm not sure on how...


Which config file are you talking about that says OpenGL is unavailable? ~/.wine/config? If so, what does it say? If not, which file is it and how was it generated (if you happen to know)?

If you compiled wine, and downloaded it through some method other than CVS (i.e. if you used tar xzf or similar to decompress it), then you are very likely not using WineX. WineX source is not available from Transgaming in any form other than CVS, so if you used tar xzf or similar, then you are either using winehq Wine, or you are using a copy of winex that someone else checked out of CVS and made into a tarball manually...

If you used the ./tools/wineinstall script to compile any version of Wine, then that script does pass --enable-opengl, but you have to be a really fast reader to see whether or not it works. The messages scroll by too quickly otherwise.

njt1982 02-04-03 04:06 PM

I used CVS to get Wine, I think it is WineX. The error I was walking about was to do with the file produced when you do "./configure".

asg 02-05-03 08:16 AM


Originally posted by bwkaz
Change Load "extmod" to this: ...
I made SubSection of it with the same success. I received the same unresolved sysmbols in libextmod.a . What does this library actually do? Do I need it? How is it possible that I'm the only person with this problem here? That would mean, that the module could be corrupt, but I installed everything on the top of a clean, fresh installation.

Well, I'm leaving Load "extmod" commented out for now. Other ideas, work-arounds and explanations are welcomed. bwkaz, thank you for your fast reaction.

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