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garethk 05-30-06 10:19 AM

Problems 1.0-8762 for FreeBSD i386
A few issues with the new driver...

System - Dell Inspiron 8500 (GeForce 4200 Go)
+ Second Monitor (Set up in dual head)

I used portsnap to fetch and update my ports, entered /usr/ports/x11/nvidia-driver and did make install clean.

The driver compiled and installed without an issues... rebooted (nvidia.ko was loaded, it suggested rebooting for new driver to take effect)

Now when I start up X, all the fonts are -huge- (although the screen resolution is still correct at 1600x1050) and the connected monitor, setup in dual head, isn't detected. XOrg.log has no mention of the connected CRT just the DFP.

I've downloaded 8178, compiled and built it, and the connected monitor is now found correctly and dual head works fine. However the fonts are still huge.

I can post my xorg.conf and Xorg.log if required.

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