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jAkUp 05-31-06 03:15 PM

'Hitman: Blood Money' Feedback Thread
Anyone else pick it up? I finally just got my DVD copy today, and the demo does not do it justice!

Post screenies and impressions from the full game in this thread (nana2)

S.I.N 05-31-06 03:46 PM

Re: 'Hitman: Blood Money' Feedback Thread
Deja Vu.

anticitizenzero 05-31-06 03:48 PM

Re: 'Hitman: Blood Money' Feedback Thread
Finished it this past weekend as well. I agree the demo does it no justice, its a great game thats definatly worth buying. Ran great with all settings maxed on my system as well.

johnkeel105 05-31-06 05:14 PM

Re: 'Hitman: Blood Money' Feedback Thread
Well I bought it yesterday and I am around halfway through it. It is alot more challenging then Hitman 2 or Contracts. The missions are alot more open ended then the demo. I would say it is worth the money!(nana2)

nekrosoft13 05-31-06 11:18 PM

Re: 'Hitman: Blood Money' Feedback Thread
still can't figure out why i'm getting such horrible performance in the demo

crainger 06-01-06 12:34 AM

Re: 'Hitman: Blood Money' Feedback Thread
I've only finished the second mission and I can't easily say its one of the best this year.
A local gaming mag chewed it out a bit for lacking any emotion. I found it was rather hard to bring myself kill the first few targets. Especially the theme park owner, poor guy. Lost his wife, bullied by a gangster. Still he copped a hammer to the back of his head in the end.

Can't wait till I finish work and can play some more.

WCG 06-01-06 01:11 AM

Re: 'Hitman: Blood Money' Feedback Thread
Have yout ried the patch Nekro? took me from like 4fps to smooth as butta.

agentkay 06-01-06 01:35 AM

Re: 'Hitman: Blood Money' Feedback Thread
I just finished the game and I got it last Friday. Overall an excellent game. Visually a mixture between SCCT and HL2 and performance was good with maxxed out details. Most later levels are more taxing than the demo level but it never got unplayable. The only negative thing about the visuals are sometimes lack of polygons in the levels (square-look) and characters are LOD-ing their polygon count a little too close (approx. 5m from our character).

AI was decent and you definitly have to be careful what you do infront of their eyes. I love to blow them up with the remote bomb or shoot them in the head with a silenced gun. Quite satisfying. There are tons of hilarious moments in the game.

Sounds are a good, nice EAX effects, but the voice distance is a little off and disappears too rapidly from a certain point on.

Controls leave room for improvement, especially in close gunfights or when things get hectic the keys can get a little complicated but again, no gamebreaker.

First-person mode kind of sucked though. It just felt totally weird.

Overall Id rate it with 8.8/10 and its definitly the best Hitman game so far.

Peoples-Agent 06-01-06 01:44 AM

Re: 'Hitman: Blood Money' Feedback Thread
When you get to the level with the dude in the jacuzzi that slaps his chick while sat in there, try shooting out the bottom of the pool and see what happens... ITS HILARIOUS! LOL

Or on the level where the feds are guarding the latino dude, and there's a clown ..... find the lighter fluid in the pool boys hut and put it on the BBQ for hilarious results.

This game is awesome, the number of strange ways of doing the missions. LoL Has alot of replay value.

Grechie 06-01-06 02:17 AM

Re: 'Hitman: Blood Money' Feedback Thread
us aussies also got it a bit earlier, i finished it 2 days ago, real good game

Mr. Hunt 06-01-06 05:59 AM

Re: 'Hitman: Blood Money' Feedback Thread
Been playing all day... love it... and I don't care what anybody says... the graphics are great... you can see the veins in 47s arms and stuff when he wears a shorter sleeved shirt.

nekrosoft13 06-01-06 06:27 AM

Re: 'Hitman: Blood Money' Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by WCG
Have yout ried the patch Nekro? took me from like 4fps to smooth as butta.

yes i did

also tried turning off threaded optimization in global profile, tried setting application for AA and AF in global. tried with v-sync on and off.

when i turn light quality from high to low it goes to 30 fps, i set it to medium and it goes to 10-12fps, high is same as medium.

today i will try one more thing, getting rid of this horrible 91.28 driver. uninstalling and reinstall 91.28 doesn't help

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