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tramampeleen 06-01-06 04:04 AM

Help, which card do i need?
This is my first visit to the forum. I have recently bought 'Lord of the Rings, Battle for Middle Earth 2'. However, I have not upgraded my graphics card yet and am still running with Nividia geforce 4.

Apparently, this game works with Nivida geforce 3 and above (but not Nivida geforce 4).

I have to say this hardware thing is a little chinese to me, please could someone point me in the right direction and advise what will work (for the most reasonable price).

Thanks (nana2)

Rytr 06-02-06 09:26 PM

Re: Help, which card do i need?
Looks like MX cards are not supported.
64 MB GeForce3-class video card. The game only officially supports cards with ATI (Radeon 8500 or greater) and the Intel GMA 900 and GMA 950 products. Also supports GeForce2 video cards.
Nvidia GeForce4 MX is not supported
Nvidia GeForce2 MX is not supported.

Not much help, just be patient, someone here will know more....

SH64 06-03-06 05:04 PM

Re: Help, which card do i need?
You need a far better card than what you have now for BFME2 .. this game needs a good graphics card , CPU & RAM to play properly & i mean GOOD ones.
it all depends on your budget though.
for minimum i'd go for a GeForce 6600 card (128MB VRAM should be just fine , GeForce FX series are not recommended), a 2Ghz CPU or equivalent & 1GB RAM.

see my laptop specs in sig ?? they barley play the game on med-high settings @1024x768,2xAA,4xAF. do the math :)

tramampeleen 06-14-06 05:59 PM

Re: Help, which card do i need?
Thanks for your replies & advice. Suppose i really need to go for the most I can afford to keep on gaming, or else this problem will keep happening often.

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