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FrogLeggs 02-04-03 12:06 AM

What PHP scripts if any does nvnews use ??
Im currently teaching myself PHP / Mysql and I am looking for a php news script.. :)

Thanks in advance :)


LORD-eX-Bu 02-04-03 12:18 AM

heh, well, you could always try PostNuke, its alright and free I beleive :D

stncttr908 02-05-03 12:28 PM


I use it on my site, very easy and very customizable.

But it uses textfiles, no mysql because I can't get hosting for that anywhere.

volt 02-05-03 12:30 PM

We don't use PHP/MySQL :)
(except for forums)


AshG 02-05-03 02:42 PM

I wouldnt touch PostNuke/PHPNuke with a 10-foot pole, while standing behind a concrete wall and running the pole by remote.

Talk to kb244 about this - he's te ultimate php coder, put together the Envy News backend from scratch.

LORD-eX-Bu 02-05-03 02:47 PM

LOL AshG. I know, but FrogLeggs said he/she is teaching themselves how to use PHP and such, so wouldn't it decent for beginners?:confused:

DaveW 02-07-03 03:09 PM

nVNews does not currently use PHP or MySQL. We use Perl CGI scripts and a delimited text file for a DB. I am working on a replacement PHP/MySQL system in my spare time.

One good thing that our CGI scripts do is generate the news html into a text file. This file is then just included as a server-side include into the home page. This means that the only time any scripts run is when the news is updated. Regular visitors just access a static page.

Most PHP news solutions run a script and do database access every single time a user visits a page. This approach uses up a lot of system resources. To try and compensate for the performance sys admins install things like PHP accelerator, which introduce their own share of problems and security issues.

Still, PHP and MySQL is a nice combo to learn. They work well together, and PHP is an easy language to pick up.

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