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beatjunkie 06-05-06 11:25 AM

Hi there

Wondering if anyone can help me...

I had a ti4600 installed into my machine, and it works 100's.. now i moved the card to another box of mine.. a 3300 sempron, and winfast mobo, now ive installed the lastest forceware drivers, and agp and mobo drivers for the board, but when i try play games it shows all these lines, all different colors, and or dots, and all the colors in the game is incorrect, however desktop use its fine..

Does anyone have any idea whats wrong with it? or what it needs to work properly.. or do u think the vga card is gone?

Any help would be muchly appreciated :)
Kind Regards
Beatjunkie :)

einstein_314 06-05-06 11:50 AM

Re: ti4600
Wow, a Ti4600. I used to have one of those!! Great card. Hmm, do you're saying you get flashing dots everywhere? Like green and red? Or are they patches of textures that are flashing? That may be artifacting, caused by overheating. I'd first check to make sure the heatsink and fan is still attached properly. And make sure the fan is working, if it isn't, the card is probably overheating and causing the artifacting.

Then I'd try a different driver. Maybe an older one. Maybe even the one that came with the card originally on the driver cd?

Hope this helps a little. :)

beatjunkie 06-05-06 12:06 PM

Re: ti4600
Yeh, card still runs well, or used too :p

fan and heatsink is still working 100's..

I tried drivers earlier, coz i thought it might be these latest drivers that it didnt like, so as u said, i installed the originals, afta uninstalling the others obviously, then installed a later version, but not latest, and then the latest, all 3 have the same problem :(

Here are some screenshots of whats happening


Redeemed 06-06-06 01:22 AM

Re: ti4600
Hmm... you know- my 5950U did the same thing with FEAR. With my card it was a BIOS issue. For some reason FEAR didn't like the ASUS proprietary BIOS that much.

After researching, I found that flashing to another 5950U BIOS solved the problem. Though I have yet to try it myself, you might see if maybe another BIOS in your card would help.

Also, try underclocking the card just a bit. Maybe uninstall the video card drivers, and then uninstall the mobo drivers- then reinstall the mobo drivers first and the video card drivers last and see if that helps.

That is kind of strange that the card is doing that though... I highly doubt it is going. My GF has a Ti4200 in her rig and it is going strong.

beatjunkie 06-07-06 04:02 AM

Re: ti4600

Thanks for the advice, i tried flashin the bios, but i didnt think it would be that, coz its not only Cod2 that does it, its all games..! so yeh.. but was worth a try... still not working..

Any more suggestions? :P

Tygerwoody 06-07-06 12:05 PM

Re: ti4600
Ti4600 = Best Video Card in the Universe.... I still use mine for my backup machine. Paid almost $500 for it new. :D

beatjunkie 06-08-06 02:15 AM

Re: ti4600
Yeh, ive had the card for about 3 or 4 years and neva had a problem, and still runs most of the new games, definately a great card...

Dunno, whats happening with it now tho lol! :P

snowmanwithahat 06-30-06 12:35 AM

Re: ti4600
how is the cooling in your new case you moved it into? it could just honestly be overheating because of bad airflow

ricercar 07-05-06 04:10 PM

Re: ti4600
based on my experience with NV25/NV28,
- pics 1-2 look like driver problem
- pic 3 is a graphics RAM problem (hardware)
- pic 4 is a GPU problem (hardware)

Delbert 07-07-06 04:14 AM

Re: ti4600
try dropping the AGP rate to x4 ... also try disabling Fast Writes in Bios ( this caused a similar issue with my old 4200Ti :luv: ).
Best of luck.

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