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insaNity 02-04-03 08:29 AM

tvout with rivafb?
I have an asus tnt2 ultra and Im trying to get accelerated tv-out without X.

so far I have got vesa (standard unaccelerated mplayer output) working fine on the monitor and TV, and rivafb (accelerated nvidia framebuffer) working on the computer monitor.
However rivafb is very scrambled on my TV. I can just make out the picture but it is very distorted (crazy lines, as if my TV cant handle what I'm pumping into it).

I'm thinking I may need to edit /etc/fb.modes and tweak them around to something my tv can understand.

Please post your experience/suggestions/comments with rivafb and tv out. Thanks! :)

torsten.p 08-22-03 02:36 AM

Re: tvout with rivafb?
AFAIK, rivafb only works with riva, not with asus. I have also tried to find some working fb.modes, but with no success. I believe that you have to go with vesa.

torsten.p 08-22-03 02:38 AM

Re: tvout with rivafb?
Hi again,
can you run mpalyer in vesa mode on your tv? Which settings (vesa mode, mplayer command line etc.) do you use?
I have also tried it, but I have some weird colors or only black and white on my TV...

Thunderbird 08-22-03 03:18 AM

Rivafb is a far from complete framebuffer driver and it is very unstable. Really don't use it. It doesn't provide much acceleration at all.

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