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ssarkar 02-04-03 05:31 PM

debian xserver
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I am very new to linux. I installed debian woody 3.0 in my pc.
I am not able to configure X windows.
I have followed different threads posted on this website and configure /etc/X11/XF86C0nfig so many times but no result.
I have graphics card of "Nvidia GeForce2 MX 400 with TV out".
I have gone though /var/log/xfree86.0.log, but I am not able to understand anything(as I am new to linux). I am attaching the xfree86.0.log.
Please help me.

KingFish 02-04-03 11:29 PM

Heh, I know how you must feel!
I started with Linux and Debian a few month ago and the first steps where so damn hard... Well, hope I'm able to share my experience with you:

In my eyes your problem is, you're using XF86's nvidia driver module called 'nv'. It never worked for me! You have to install the ' nvidia ' kernel module (unfortunately you need a custom built kernel for this) and the ' nvidia glx module '.
All of it is already included in Debian Woddy, hence it's very out of date (yes, sue me, I hate Debian's "ultra-mega-stable" version, big supporter of the "nearly-everytime-crashing-0%-unstable" version).
Now do the following:
start dselect and select 'kernel-source-2.4.18' 'kernel-package' 'nvidia-kernel-src' and 'nvidia-glx-src'. After installation of all of them, go to /usr/src and unpack 'kernel-source-2.4.18.tar.bzip2' & 'nvidia-kernel-src.tar.gz' (hope I recall these filenames correctly)
Now go into the kernel-source directory and type a ' make menuconfig ' to compile a little helper tool for the kernel configuration. If it fails, check you've installed 'libncurses-dev'. Once it loads take your time and read all of the available help text. Configure it for your needs and save it. now type a ' make-kpkg --revision=MYBOX.1.0.0 kernel_image ' and your customized kernel should been build. Takes a while.
After that a newly created .deb lies in /usr/src. You're able to install it with ' dpkg -i kernel-image-2.4.18_2.4.18.MYBOX.1.0.0.deb ' (or similar) update your boot block on hdd with lilo or your boot floppy, whichever your use, and boot into your new kernel.
Go again /usr/src/kernel-source-2.4.18 and now type a ' make-kpkg modules_image '. This will compile the nvidia kernel module. By either sure you've extracted it (don't worry it goes automatically in the correct folder (/usr/src/modules/nvidia-kernel-src) ) and that you're connected to the internet, because it will download the nvidia source for the module and compile it. After that (you guessed correctly) a new deb recides in /usr/src. Install it with ' dpkg -i nvidia-kernel-module_1.0. ... '
Everything should work fine till now. Try to load the nvidia kernel module with ' insmod NVdriver ' with an nvidia driver prior to 4192 or ' insmod nvidia ' on 4192. A stupid message might apear about the now tainted kernel, ingore it. Try its loaded with an ' lsmod '. You may want to place NVdriver/nvidia in /etc/modules.conf to load it at startup, but thats optional since its autoload-able. Fine, survived another part ;)
Go again to /usr/src and unpack (if you haven't done it yet) the nvidia-glx-src package and cd in the new directory. A 'dpkg-buildpackage -b' will compile it. Install the new deb (again in /usr/src). Now do a ' dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86 ' and from the driver list select now 'nvidia' not 'nv'. Don't forget to change the XF86 server module settings: disable GLcore and dri while you're enabling GLX. before you are able to start do a ' adduser <your normal login/not root!> video ' (you need some extra privilegues in order to use hardware accelaration) and now login with this user and type ' startx '. If everything above worked, it should just work fine, hence you now have XV hardware accelaration and OpenGL and everything else.

Well, this was it (hope I did't miss any important task). If anything is unclear or somehow not understandable, ask me, I'll try to explain better. Also try a search for other tutorials on the net for the procedure, should give plenty.

Have fun with your new linux box !


ssarkar 02-06-03 12:28 AM

I am very novice to linux. I am not proficient in comand line arguments. Even I don't have knowledge of different directories of linux.
I installed kernel-source-2.4.18, kernel package, nvidia-kernel-src and nvidia-glx-src by "apt-get install file name".
I unzip tar file by "tar -zxvf filename", "bzip2 -d kernel-source-2.4.18.tar.bzip2".
But I didn't get any kernel-source directory. I got kerner-source-2.4.18.tar. where to find kernel-source? I am lost after that.
please help me. It will be better if you write the command line arguments.

nuks 02-06-03 09:55 AM

don't use
bzip2 -d kernel-source-2.4.18.tar.bzip2
tar -jxvf kernel-source-2.4.18.tar.bzip2

and it should work :D

bzip2 -d kernel-source-2.4.18.tar.bzip2
tar -xvf kernel-source-2.4.18.tar

ssarkar 02-07-03 04:56 PM

I am not able to conect internet to download and compile nvidia source togather as i have one terminal(tty1).
how is do both things togather? I am following the instruction provided on top.

godizlov 02-07-03 07:10 PM

hi there!

i'm thinking about getting on debian, and thus i was wondering how to do to install my nvidia driver under debian

i read the tip there and i wonder : is it necessary to recompile the kernel? is it possible to avoid the deb building for the driver?

KingFish 02-07-03 08:23 PM

sry to tell you that, but from my experience you have to run a custom made kernel and also compile the nvidia deb (at least the kernel module, glx should work on any system) everytime because it depends on some files of the kernel source. Never tried it with an kernel-headers package, because my system (and so will yours) run much more efficiently using a custom build kernel, though. It might sound as a real hassle at first, but in realtity you will sooner or later build your own kernel once you get to know your linux environment.

ssarkar 02-08-03 05:06 AM

when i try to execute the command "make-kpkg modules_image" , it try to connect the internet. But i am running one terminal (tty1). I am not able to download the nvidia packages.
Please help me.
Any type of help will be appreciated.


KingFish 02-08-03 07:33 AM

well, well, thats some stupid behaviour of nvidia: due to some policy the code has to be downloaded from their site each time you want to compile (at least when using this 'official' deb). The only way to avoid this is to download the correspondig nvidia-kernel-src-...tar.gz and place it in the approbiate directory (unfortunately I forgot which one, because I have nearly-lan connection and with this I don't depend on pre-fetched downloads ;) ) Some goes for the nvidida-glx-src package. Maybe someone else is able to help here.
Bye, have fun with debian ;)

ssarkar 02-08-03 03:03 PM

can any one tell me how to download kernel src and kernel-glx package from internet when xserver is not running and I have one terminal(tty1). I am using the terminal for executing command also at the same time.

godizlov 02-08-03 03:31 PM

if you can bring you internet connection up, bring it up

then launch ftp :
"ftp download.nvidia.com"
log in as anonymous and enter your mail address a password
change to the driver directory
"cd XFree86_40/1.0-4191"
get the files with
"get NVIDIA_GLX-1.0-4191.tar.gz"
"get NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-4191.tar.gz"
when all is done type
to close the ftp connection
you should retrive yourself with the command line

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