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egandt 02-01-03 06:26 PM

Unreal2 performance, what have you found?
Ok, I play UT2003 a lot, with everything set at high and 2X AA / 4X AF, at 1024x768 and while I have seen slowdown in some boards, it has always remained playable. Enter Unreal2 based off the same engine, with the high settings, default ()high no custom modifications) I receive what is a very unplayable frame rate (7 - frames sec) during combat. Turning off AA and AF leads me to about 15 frames a sec still very unplayable. Given my system Dual Althon1800+, with a Geforce4 4600 512megs ram and Ultra160 15K HD's that fact that I can not play this level at a reasonable frame rate at 1024x768 is just scarry. So I'm asking what other people have discovered?


StealthHawk 02-01-03 09:31 PM

if true, then we finally have a game that pushes technology. IMO UT2003 was not demanding enough :p

UT2 and Doom3 lead the way to new graphics for us all :) never a bad thing. if you can't tell yet i like games that scale in details and performance when i decide to next upgrade.

LORD-eX-Bu 02-01-03 09:35 PM

what drivers are you using? I've heard that 42.86 drivers improve speed alot :confused: I don't have the game yet, I'll have to buy it sometime;)

cricket 02-01-03 10:57 PM

how did you get a copy of unreal 2 already? it has not been released yet...released date is feb 4th or 5th..today is only the 1st???? do you have an inside/underground supplier?

nin_fragile14 02-01-03 11:35 PM

He warezed it.

StealthHawk 02-02-03 02:20 AM

yes, he warezed it. and please, before the questions start coming, let us not mention that again. no questions on where to find it please.

i think this is a legitimate thread as performance in this game sounds like it could be a serious concern for many of us, and the game is coming out soon.

SavagePaladin 02-02-03 06:24 AM

' The minimum spec is a Pentium® III or AMD Athlon 733 MHz or higher (Pentium® or AMD 1.2 GHz or greater recommended) with a 32 MB NVIDIA® GeForce2 MX® or better (NVIDIA® GeForce3® / ATi® Radeon™ 8500 or better recommended) '

Given these recommended specs, which by most accounts WON'T run high details well, I won't be surprised if I have to drop the detail a bit.

egandt 02-02-03 01:16 PM

Just tried 28.46, was getting 15 frames a sec with AA x2 and AF x4 on, and the same with AA Off, AF x2 which seems wird, my current guess is that that I'll have to wait on a patch for UR2 to fix the problems I'm seeing. Maybe I'll try Fraps later and see if it agress with the in game counter.


-=DVS=- 02-02-03 02:47 PM

Maybe becouse you run it with AA try running the game without it :rolleyes: , in the future games don't excpect to run with AA on Geforce ala Doom 3 resource hungry hippo , but in case you have some beta Unreal 2 , moustlikely code is not optimized yet ;)

egandt 02-02-03 05:21 PM

No it should be a shipping build (Gold release), however I tested under UT2003 and found that I was pulling over 35 avg with 2x AA and 4x AF enabled and all setting set at the hihest levels, but in Unreal2 I'm pulling 15 or so in using the default options. This is what conserns me, since it is the same engine I would have expected similar performance, to me there is a vast diffrence between 15 and 35 frames a second. Also note the lack of improvement I've seen when turning off AA and AF. I should metion that the first level of UR2 was playable a about 35 frames a sec, even in the out doors, but that the second mision (also outdoors) played very poorly, this is what I'm talking about.

Note: I've been using the outdoor levels in UT with between 8 and 12 players, so this is should compare to UR2 as closely as I can manage.


SavagePaladin 02-02-03 05:38 PM

While it is using the same engine, the devs pumped a lot more detail into the game than in UT2
...so they said

styles-T 02-02-03 06:37 PM

This game is good..Im going to pick this one up...Its running super smooth on my system..(read sig)..I havnt played with any settings yet..I'll start to experiment now and try the same settings as you egant..I'll let you know what my FPS are..

I see some texture problems though..And I crashed to the desktop every so often :confused:

But this is not a final release so I cant criticize..

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