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strstr 02-04-03 11:18 PM

after installin nvdidia driver, vsync out of range
i got the src rpm for the latest nvidia driver(kernel and GLX) and i did rpmbuild --rebuild on them, and it installed fine, i can start x with no problem, but when i logout back to the console (exit X) i get vsync out of range, i edited the XF86config and there is nothing wrong with it, and everything worked fine with the older driver.
anybody knows how i can fix this? and if not, where can i get the older driver?

KingFish 02-04-03 11:35 PM

I don't know anything how to fix that, but you should always be able to get older drivers from www.nvidia.com too. At least I wget some old files from nvidia.com if I install the NV driver module (debian). And if I recall correctly, rpms for RedHat, Mandrake and SuSE recides on nvidia.com with link to old releases.

Hope this helps (and that I'm correct ;) )


bwkaz 02-05-03 08:00 AM

They are here.

strstr 02-05-03 09:43 AM

thanks guys, i downloaded and installed the 3123 driver, no more vsync out of range.

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