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Son Goku 06-11-06 10:28 PM

Attempted double posting issue
Not sure if it is wrt my version of Mozilla essentially sitting in Windows Vista, or something on the servers. But tonight, while posting it seems that I hit post reply once, and it comes up with a "last post too recent" with the post I had posted showing up in the post reply window, while also having been added to the forums.

Now sure how it's getting 2 copies of each post, though the forum software is catching this error. As I'm running off a beta, can't confirm whether this is at the server end, or my end however...

Edit: This post it didn't do it, but had with the last few I made...

Son Goku 06-11-06 11:41 PM

Re: Attempted double posting issue
Hmm, well, this issue didn't seem to happen in the general forum or the general hardware forum so I figured it was fixed. But a post made to this thread


in the Windows forum it happened again. Not sure why it's happening in some places and not others? hmm...

Edit, happened on this post now...

MikeC 06-12-06 06:59 PM

Re: Attempted double posting issue
Have you noticed this happening on any of the other vBulletin based message boards you post on?

grey_1 06-12-06 08:40 PM

Re: Attempted double posting issue
I've made probably 30 posts using ff with no problems so far, you said mozilla, you mean mozilla ff or straight mozilla?

Son Goku 06-12-06 09:33 PM

Re: Attempted double posting issue
Mozilla, not Fire Fox... I'll see if it happens today.

Edit: Just happened with this post. It could also be some interaction going on between Vista (new OS, so new variable), the browser, and the forum software. Some other users might be able to indicate if they're getting this with such systems, if it helps nail down where this might be originating from...

I decidedly wasn't seeing this with the same browser under winXP Pro, though that was also 2 days ago...

rage10 07-14-06 12:10 AM

Re: Attempted double posting issue
I had a problum like it month back after posted I would click back and get directed to the "reply to thred" page I would then hit submit reply, and VOLA a second reply is submited that is identicle to the first. maby thats what you doing if so in that case you must click on the link to the thred at the top of the page to exit.

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