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ragejg 02-05-03 07:09 AM

Anybody use PassMark Performance Test?
... I find it fairly comprehensive... It gives fairly consistent, specific details that allow for diagnosing on par with Sandra IMO.

Anyone else utilize this program? I've been using it since late 2k1 with my Duron 600...

It looks like a new ver. came out (i use 3.5)... and it looks to be pretty nice...


Kruno 02-05-03 08:14 AM

Thank You, looks great. :)

Damn, it's shareware. :(

ragejg 02-05-03 08:30 AM

I just save the baselines, keep the install file and re-do every 30... I will buy it someday... really.

Blakhart 02-20-03 06:30 PM

This software is my gold standard of benches. Really like the 4.x version. Been using this app for some time now. Always runs great, and is my fav tuning ute. Highly recommended, at least by me. Never see anyone talk about it tho, and they also offer loads of utes to diag most any specific part in your box.

ragejg 02-21-03 06:15 AM

WOW! Someone else actually uses it??


it is a little moody/inconsistent in the "many worlds" 3d test tho...

other that that, it's very complete and thorough...


shmall 03-30-03 07:59 PM

I have been using version 4 for a while now and like it very much.

any slight changes to my system shows up nicely, i find if a good benchmark tool :)

In fact me and a couple of mates have been trying to beat each other scores (nothing like a bit of healthy competition :) ), finally managed to break 500 :)

550.6.... my best score yet. :)
600 easy if I enabled RAID (but see no point :))

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