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Karpati 06-13-06 05:57 AM

Recovering from NVRM XID errors
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Dear NVIDIA supporters, developers, and anyone with the same problem,

After changing my graphics card brand from ATI (due to severe driver problems) to NVIDIA (no problem on my other computer), I am experiencing the well known 'NVRM XID' problems.

The only way I found to recover from the problem is rebooting the computer. My uptime is around two weeks between such events.

My setup is quite complex, three monitors, two graphics cards, two X servers on the NVIDIA card for switching between TV-OUT+main display and dual head, a USB webcam DMA-ing continuously, a self-written OpenGL TV program (+small kernel hack), necessary because the DGA support has been dropped, to watch TV with 0% CPU utilization. The setup is rock solid, except this NVRM XID problem.

The order of PCI cards really matters, with other ordering IRQ sharing problems occurred, and the USB webcam reported DMA problems. I know the south bridge of the mainboard is not the best, but many people with different machines experience the same problem.

What I am asking is not a general fix of the problem. I understand that due to contention of the PCI/AGP bus, etc. DMA timeout errors might occur, resulting in misprogramming the GPU. What I ask for is a modification to the driver by which when the problem occurs
1, there is no 100% CPU consumption
2, after killing the X server the system recovers (resets the GPU), and the X server can be started again without rebooting the machine.

I think this kind of modification is feasible and would make me happy.

Kind Regards,
Attila Karpati

Karpati 08-03-06 09:21 AM

Re: Recovering from NVRM XID errors
I am quite disappointed that no NVIDIA supporter replied here or tried to contact me. Since then many NVRM XID threads with no resultion appeared here in the forums.

I wonder why a hardware error can not be gracefully handled from the driver software. If such an error occurs I would expect

a) some screen corruption in case of non-GL applications
b) some kind of GL error and screen corruption in case of GL apps.

Either of this would be much better than X hanging.

I hope the merger of ATi and AMD will put more pressure on nVIDIA, and they will put more effort in fixing their Linux and FreeBSD drivers.


Since setting back the AGP speed to 1x I did not experience the errors.

netllama 08-03-06 10:12 AM

Re: Recovering from NVRM XID errors
If reducing the AGP rate eliminates the problem, then you're likely hitting a kernel agp driver bug, and not an nvidia driver bug.


energyman76b 08-03-06 10:21 AM

Re: Recovering from NVRM XID errors
things that may solve your problems:

better PSU
bios update
card bios update
playing around with driving strenght and other APG settings in the bios
better cooling in the case
replacing the mainboard
replacing the card.

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