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bradm 06-13-06 05:03 PM

HOWTO: Suse 10.1 X86_64 with Xen 3.0.2 Kernel
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This is a slightly improved version of a pre-existing script that only worked on i386 systems. It uses a patch developed by others as well. Hopefully it'll help the NVIDIA folks release something that works out of the box. The source (and some anonymous comments from me) was:

The script is attached.

jalien5 08-09-06 04:51 PM

Re: HOWTO: Suse 10.1 X86_64 with Xen 3.0.2 Kernel
I'm really looking forward to trying out Xen, and so I was very happy to find this script. I am familiar with Linux, but not an expert by any means so if my question seems a little simple I apologize. Has this been tried with x86_64 since I noticed that the code is still looking for NV_VERSION-pkg1.run, shouldn't it be -pkg2.run for AMD64/EM64T cpus? Are there any other corrections to the code since it was posted. Thanks.

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