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somlor 02-05-03 10:46 AM

Redhat 8 + Geforce 4 ti4200
After a bit of tweaking I finally got my Gainward GeForce 4 ti4200 card working in my Linux box running Redhat 8. And my OpenGL seems to be working as glxinfo looks good and is referring to Nvidia drivers and glxgears is running fine (are these accurate tests of OpenGL?)

The problem is, my favorite app (wings3d) won't load and I have a feeling it's because it's trying to use the XFree86 Mesa GLU libraries for OpenGL. Shouldn't it be using Nvidia's? I tried renaming the GLU libs and instead of wings3d giving me a "segmentation fault" it complained that it couldnt' find the GLU libs ....

Any help at all appreciated.


bwkaz 02-05-03 12:40 PM

GLU is independent of your GL implementation (as long as your GL implementation supports the spec that that version of GLU was written for).

Using Mesa's GLU libs should not cause any problems. Do you have source for wings3d? If so, you could build a debug version, run it through gdb, and see where exactly that it's segfaulting.

If not, I can send you my libGLU.so* files if you want. They live in /usr/X11R6/lib, and were installed with X. They seem to work fine, although I don't have wings3d.

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