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The Bigman 06-17-06 01:22 AM

Bad Aquamark 2 scores
I can't get this at all. I get only 84,300 points in this benchmark.

No matter what i do thats what i get. I got 3.2 Pentium D 7800GTX SLI 2 gigs ram latest forceware. Even on watercooling everything. I turn off AA AF and Vsyn and it goes up alittle. For a system like mine i should be getting 190,000 point. I have latest chipset drivers x16 nforce 4 intel side. I have 1.5 gigs ram free in windows xp too.

Any clue why i would be getting these terrible scores? I do everything by the book even with dual core fix and all patches.

The Bigman 06-17-06 08:07 PM

Re: Bad Aquamark 2 scores
No one really has a clue? This news board is dying i see from the little responces lately.

a12ctic 06-17-06 09:10 PM

Re: Bad Aquamark 2 scores
never used aquamark, but you are using a intel chip :p

Rytr 06-17-06 09:12 PM

Re: Bad Aquamark 2 scores
I still use AM3 for stability testing of the graphics card and cpu. This benchmark does favor the cpu. IIRC it takes a overclocked Opteron to get past the 100K barrier or maybe an X2 4800+ with the 7800GTX.
I get 77K with a 3700+ (74K with a P4 3.4E) and no overclocking to a single 7800GTX or cpu.

The Bigman 06-17-06 11:05 PM

Re: Bad Aquamark 2 scores
how do folks get AQ3 over 1k? I read a guy on here with 2 7800GTX's get 137,000 with it. Is the Pentium D 940 garbage or is it gold for everyday situations?

Rytr 06-17-06 11:12 PM

Re: Bad Aquamark 2 scores
I have not kept up with the benchmark scores as AM3 is no longer supported as far as I know.
137K is significantly higher than what I was aware of. I just remember scores of around 110K. But I have no doubt that has been bettered.
Pentiums are good it's just the Latest AMD CPUs are better for gaming. That may or may not change with the Conroes. I personally plan to find out when they become available. :)

SLippe 06-17-06 11:42 PM

Re: Bad Aquamark 2 scores
I get in the 84,000 area with my rig.

We are talking about Aquamark3, right?

The Bigman 06-18-06 01:10 AM

Re: Bad Aquamark 2 scores
That not a bad system but i have 2 7800GTX's sli pD3200 and still get only 72,000 with Aquamark 3.

leafo 06-19-06 05:52 PM

Re: Bad Aquamark 2 scores
I like a3 more than 3dmark just because the test is so much faster. I hate waiting around for 10 minutes or so for a 3d mark test.. Anway, yeah I can confirm that there is something wrong with your score. I am getting 103,911 with my card at 700 core, and I was getting 96,091 with my core at 555.

Either you have bad cards, or it is that processor. I am being led to believe that it is the processor, because when I upped my gpu core 150mhz I only gained 5k points, but from overclocking my ram and processor I probably went up about 25k. (I was getting 72,000 when I first put together my computer)

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