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Infinity 02-05-03 07:16 PM

GeForce 3 Ti with RedHat 8.0 - HELP!
I recently installed Redhat 8.0, updated my kernel to 2.4.18-24.8.0, and downloaded and installed the nvidia drivers for my system.

First I tried the source rpm method, then I tried with the rpm for my system. Both time I have the same results. I checked and rechecked all options in my x config, all drivers installed fine and everything went smooth. When I start X, my screen goes blank for almost 5 minutes, then loads X. The nvidia driver loads, but everything is extremely slow. There is a frame delay just from dragging windows.

I ran the nv_check program and my system passed all the tests but the last one. The program says"
All the files seem to exist. Now I'm going to see if your kernel
module is loaded correctly...
the NVdriver kernel module does not seem to be loaded. The 3D
drivers will not work without it...please compile it for your
kernel, set it up to insert the module on boot, then run
this script again."

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Infinity 02-05-03 08:12 PM

I ran glxinfo, and right after that my screen was smooth and OpenGL was working on games. I restarted, same problem until i ran glxinfo again. Any reason for this?

thanks for the help

bwkaz 02-05-03 09:32 PM

Slow 2D with the 4191 drivers is a known problem, with pretty much no solution.

nVidia replaced the RENDER extension with some proprietary something that seems to not want to work for a lot of people, that's why it's slow. If you revert back to driver 3123, that would probably help your 2D performance. And you should be using the .src.rpm regardless, because your kernel is newer than what there's support for.

On the long load times, that happens to people at random, pretty much. I don't think there's a lot you can do about it, either, unfortunately.

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