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g.krist 02-06-03 05:16 AM

[tv-out] Some movies don't show up on TV?!?
Guys 80% of the movies i have (divx and import dvd) won't show up on my tv. The sound is oke, but "black" screen only. This has something todo with PAL/NTSC? My TV is 2 days old, so very new.

And yes, i have good codecs installed, because the movies do work on my monitor.

Card: Geforce 4
Mediaplyer: Xine

nuks 02-06-03 09:50 AM

I don't think it is a ntsc/pal problem because when you have the wrong setting here, you will have something on your TV anyway (black& white or color problem)

I think it is your Composite/Svideo setting that is wrong, not exactly wrong but I have also a Svideo cable but I must set my XF86config to use composite otherwise it doesn't work at all (same thing as you i suppose)

try to set your Xf86config to use composite cable and it should work

g.krist 02-06-03 10:04 AM

i did use composite all the time

g.krist 02-09-03 07:29 AM

Oke some new info: I only have this problem with DIVX movies, other movie formats are working. Could it be something with overlay or something?!?

g.krist 02-11-03 09:59 AM

Guys I found the sollution, pretty simple. It's the new NVIDIA driver. I did a downgrade of the drivers to 3123 and now it does work. So I advice you people who are using tv-out. Don't use 41 drivers!!!!

Thumbs up for Markus Iofcea!!!

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