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mahammond 06-19-06 05:12 PM

dodgy 3dmark 06 score
Overall score 3393
sm 2.0 1316
CPU 1754
HDR/SM 3.0 1294

Athlon x2 3800+ (2.4GHz OC)
7900gt (554/800 OC)
Asus A8N-SLI
Samsung Spinpoint SP2504C
Kingston valueram 1GB 400MHz DDR

Im sure the sm2 and HDR/sm3 score is way off, whats your opinion? Help much appreciated

leafo 06-19-06 05:44 PM

Re: dodgy 3dmark 06 score
Sounds really low to me, I get over 6000 with my 7900GT.
What drivers?

mahammond 06-19-06 06:56 PM

Re: dodgy 3dmark 06 score
using forceware 84.43
dx 9c
BIOS revision 1014
win xp sp2

Im trying to see if I can isolate which component/driver is causing the problem, the CPU score seems fine for an x2 3800 running at 2.4GHz, so im guessing it must be either the 7900gt, mobo or RAM. Im looking at the 7900gt as both shader tests seem very low

Superfly 06-20-06 02:42 AM

Re: dodgy 3dmark 06 score
WAY to slow.

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