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lesliek 06-20-06 05:33 PM

Basic driver information needed to run Google Earth
I'm using Fedora Core 3.

I downloaded Google Earth for Linux. It worked, but told me to upgrade my graphics card driver.

I ran my hardware browser gui tool. It reported:

nvidia corporation nv6 [vanta/vanta lt]

driver: card: riva tnt2

I next went to the nvidia site, where I found a readme for the current unified driver Linux-x86/1.0-8762. It said that vanta/vanta lt and riva tnt2 were legacy gpus that were no longer supported in the unified driver, but that they would continue to be maintained through "the special legacy nvidia gpu driver releases". (I can't tell from the Hardware Browser which of those two gpus I have, but that doesn't seem to matter, given that both are treated the same.)

I tried to find a legacy release at the nvidia site, but couldn't.

I looked in the driver archive and found that the last version of the unified driver which appears to have supported the above two gpus was 1.0-7174 of February 25, 2005.

All of the above leads to the following questions:

1. how can I find the version number of my existing driver?
2. if it's older than 1.0-7174, should I at least be upgrading to that for Google Earth purposes?
3. have there been any special legacy nvidia gpu driver releases?
4. if so, where would I find them?
5. also if so, should I be upgrading to the latest of them for Google Earth purposes?

I'd be very grateful if anyone could give me answers to the above questions.

Thank you,


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