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powermanaf 06-22-06 01:51 PM

GeForce 6200 OC Problem - Games Won't Work
I just bought a new computer setup and I put it together and I took the GeForce 6200 OC (AGP) card out my old computer and put it in the new one. I installed the drivers and everything and the graphics work and everything, but I'm getting some glitches and I don't know what's causing them. Here are some examples of what I mean:



And this is what happens when I try and run 3DMark:


Also, whenever I try and play HL2, it just hang's up on the loading screen and freezes my computer. It worked fine in my old computer, I don't know why it would be messing up now. Oh, and when I uninstall the NVIDIA drivers and run it without them, there aren't any glitches or anything. I didn't try running the game without them though. So I was thinking it might be a driver problem? I don't know, that's why I figured I'd ask here.

My computer is running on a Mach Speed MK8-939A motherboard with an AMD Athlon 64 3200+ ClawHammer Socket 939 processor.


a12ctic 06-22-06 02:14 PM

Re: GeForce 6200 OC Problem - Games Won't Work
it looks like its artifacating for some reason, have you check the temps?

powermanaf 06-22-06 02:26 PM

Re: GeForce 6200 OC Problem - Games Won't Work
The GPU temp. stays at like 40 degrees celcius.

Athena 06-22-06 02:36 PM

Re: GeForce 6200 OC Problem - Games Won't Work
Are you over clocking the thing? I would try under clocking it to check for heat issues.

But before that I would simply un-install the old display drivers and install new freshly downloaded ones. Also then re-install DX9c if you can. Then try to run some stuff to test it.

Also make sure the video card is fully seated in the AGP port.

Good luck. :)

powermanaf 06-22-06 02:42 PM

Re: GeForce 6200 OC Problem - Games Won't Work
Is that too hot?

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling a couple times. I will take it out and plug it back in and make sure it's nice and snug in there. How do I underclock it though? Also, I was wondering if anyone knew of a program that I could use to monitor my graphics card and CPU temps. and stuff like that from my desktop.

Thanks again.

powermanaf 06-22-06 03:22 PM

Re: GeForce 6200 OC Problem - Games Won't Work
I unplugged it from the motherboard and plugged it back in making sure it was secure. I tried running HL2 again after I did that, and it froze on the loading screen again, but this time after a minute or two I got a blue screen saying there was an error with nv4_disp and it was dumping the physical memory and then it restarted my computer. It is still glitching too.

Any ideas?

powermanaf 06-22-06 04:24 PM

Re: GeForce 6200 OC Problem - Games Won't Work
Ok, I tried playing a video just a minute ago and it froze up on me again, so I uninstalled the drivers, restarted my computer, and again, without the drivers there isn't any glitching and I can play videos. So does this mean it's software related? How can I fix this?

Athena 06-22-06 04:34 PM

Re: GeForce 6200 OC Problem - Games Won't Work
Sounds software related in that the drivers are calling something that might not be working right on the card itself.

Does this card use and external power connector? If so double check that is plugged in snug and that your PSU in the new PC can handel the additional power the card needs.

One question is this a brand new PC you got from the store? Or is it a new to you PC you got used?

When you removed the old software driver using Add/Remove programs did you also un-install the drivers for the on-board / old video card?

And if it is on-board video did you disable it in the BIOS so it is not also trying to run in the backround using the Nvidia drivers?

Again good luck I will not be back to the forums till tomorrow if you need more help/ tips.

powermanaf 06-22-06 04:45 PM

Re: GeForce 6200 OC Problem - Games Won't Work
I never had a power cable connected to it before in my older computer. The new one is one I built up, everything was new. I removed the driver from Add/Remove Programs, and there isn't any on-board video on my motherboard.

I am really stumped on how to fix this.

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