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MikeC 02-06-03 06:32 PM

nV News Giveaway!
It's been a while since I've had a giveaway so I'm especially glad to announce that two $50 cash prizes are up for grabs.

Entering the contest is simple. If you've made (5) five or more posts in the nV News forum, then add one reply to this thread and you'll be entered.

Only one reply per forum member please. Any form of cheating will result in a disqualification.

The contest will end this coming Sunday (February 9th, 2003). Two members will then be chosen at random and each one will receive $50 via Paypal. Therefore, you must have a Paypal account in order to claim your prize.

Good Luck! :jumping:

Sunday, February 9th - Our two contest winners have been selected and notified via private message. The winners will be announced following a confirmation process. Thanks to all who entered!

Wednesday, February 12th - Congratulations to contest winners Smokey and Spiffster!

StealthHawk 02-06-03 06:39 PM

add me please :)

fastguy94416 02-06-03 06:40 PM

I am interested! I like cash.

Hunter32 02-06-03 06:41 PM

This is my favorite site to visit!

skipparoo 02-06-03 06:42 PM

Tis it possible that I be the first to post? Maybe so..

EDIT: Maybe not =]


jAkUp 02-06-03 06:44 PM

i love you mike!!!!!:D :D :D

Venom 02-06-03 06:46 PM

No video cards? :) Money works...

Quinn1981 02-06-03 06:49 PM

I'm insulted that there is no hardware up for grabs. ;)

A prize is a prize though. Plus there will be more, so what the heck. :)

Let me make sure I don't subscribe to this thread.

butter 02-06-03 06:50 PM

i feel like i could use it for a new sound card or a cpu!

hutton2949 02-06-03 06:51 PM

i could use it for a new video card

MikeC: You need at least five posts to be considered entered!

Retrofire 02-06-03 06:52 PM

Money's good.
Heh! Count me in.

heedory 02-06-03 06:52 PM

I have pay-pal account :)

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