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chrism 02-07-03 05:31 AM

Mandrake 9.0 Download Edition + Asus GeForce4 TI4200
he guys

i've got the biggest problem ever ;D

so ... have a look with me:

i'm using mandrake 9 (joke *hehe*), which i've dowloaded from the mandrake site ... per ftp
good ... In the end of the installtion i was able to choose my display driver ...
but ... the only one which i was able to use was ta
>Geforce (fbdev)<

so ... i think this is right ~ but i'm using the asus geforce 4 ti4200 ~ and i'm not able to use the geforce4 (generic)-driver ...

so i've downloaded da kernel and da glx rpm's ~


save is save ~ cuz i've downloaded all kernel rpm's ... my first problem is, i don't know which rpm i should use ...

i've got da download edition *ggg


i've installed the kernel in x, and then quit da x-window, and joined into the console ...

then i've installed da glx-rpm ... and when i wanted to restart X, i've got the an error-message, that GLX wasn't able to load ... **** ... DAMN ...

so ... i don't know if somebody can help me ... but it would be cool ;D

zorry guys if this question was answered in a later post ... but ... i don't want to read 10 pages (hehe)

.: chrism :.

bwkaz 02-07-03 07:37 AM

Start off by removing all the NVIDIA* packages. Do an rpm -e NVIDIA_GLX NVIDIA_kernel (preferably not with X running). If you installed the wrong kernel driver, then GLX won't load either.

Basically, revert to fbdev (or figure out how to surf nVidia's site with lynx or links).

Then, go back to the download page, and get the NVchooser thingy that's there. Save it somewhere (like your home directory), then open a terminal and sh NVchooser.sh from that directory to run it.

It'll print out which packages to download.

Once you've gotten those (or just figured out which ones they are), quit out of X and install them as described in the README -- kernel first, then GLX.

Then, make the changes to your XF86Config-4 file, as described in the README.

Then, try a startx to see if it all worked. If something doesn't, then copy /var/log/XFree86.0.log to somewhere else (like, again, your home directory), undo the changes to XF86Config-4 (or copy the backup file that you did, of course, make ;), over it), and startx again with the old driver. Then attach that XFree86.0.log file to a post.

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