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Switch 02-08-03 02:52 AM

n00b to Linux question
With the help of Knoppix, I've decided to take linux for a spin. Hopefully weaning myself off of M$ for good, sometime down the road. My question is simple. How do you change the monitor resolution? I realize that my version is cut down but there has to be some way of changing it.

Chalnoth 02-10-03 12:32 PM


It's in this file. You should be able to do a quick search for the resolution you're currently using, then change it.

One quick note:
As far as I have been able to tell (note that I'm no expert in Linux...), you cannot change the desktop resolution without restarting X. While you can use Ctrl+Alt++ and Ctrl+Alt+- to change the screen resolution (if more than one resolution is defined in the XF86Config-4 file), the desktop remains at the highest resolution defined (virtual desktop sorta thingy).

lunarg 10-20-03 04:36 PM

The best way to test things out, is by opening up a second tty (Ctrl+Alt+F2), and shutting down the X server (as root):
$ cd /etc/init.d/
$ ./xsession stop

This will shutdown the X server

After that, edit /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 to change the resolution. It's best to change it in every display depth (in case Knoppix decides to use another pixel depth).
After that, do a simple 'startx' to get back into X.

Moled 10-24-03 04:58 AM

ctrl alt and the + or - keys on your numpad

tho that is just an ugly way of doing it :(
just zooms in/out basically

jesse kahtava 11-12-03 05:49 AM

need help still?
hey, if you need any more help with this subject i can definately give you a hand. i too have struggled with this in the past and have got it (mostly) all figured out now. email me: spreeky@f-m.fm (jesse)

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