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warer 02-08-03 07:37 AM

CRT monitor won't come on
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I have a geforce TI4400 card with One Samsung 191T LCD monitor connected.
Everything works fine except the CRT monitor goes blank when i start X windows.
The LCD monitor is working great but it would be nice to have the CRT monitor too.

Have tried mixing different refresh rates but nothing seems to work. any ideas?

TA00 02-09-03 04:42 AM

Reading your XF86Config I see two things that are differnt to mine XF86Config.
1) I think twinview needs "SecondMonitorxxxx" parameter.
2) "Metamodes" parameter must be like "1024x786,1024x786@800x600" ore "1024x786,1024x786 ; 800x600,800x600; xxx,xxx"
3) Have a look at /var/log/XFree.xx.log - the starting log of the X server

warer 02-09-03 01:25 PM

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Attatched the Xfree logfile. Please take a look at that one.

TA00 02-10-03 02:24 PM


in the log file there is an error message
The connected Moniotr string isn't correct. I don't use this option and erverythings ok. So make a # in front of this line or change to
"ConnectedMonitors" "CRT,CRT"

regards Christoph

warer 02-11-03 09:11 AM

but if i write Connected Monitor "CRT,DFT" then it goes blank when i exit xwindows.

TA00 02-11-03 12:51 PM

for LCD you must use "CRT,DFP" (Digital Flat Panel) not DFT !!

warer 02-12-03 01:19 PM

type error from my side it says ",DFP" and i i type "CRT,DFP" i get the bug that nvida has not yet removed som the driver, then the screen goes black when i exit X windows. Nvida is aware of that problem ,but has not fixed it yet.

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