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jiakomo 07-08-06 12:34 PM

nForce 550/570 drivers support?
I 'm searching the latest nvidia drivers for my motherboard (msi k9n-ultra, nforce 570 mcp chipset) for linux.

The latest I could find are these which are for nForce 430/410 motherboards.

I am mostly looking for a network driver (nvnet) because I have many problems with the opensource driver.

The latest motherboards (550/570) are not supported in linux yet?

netllama 07-08-06 12:48 PM

Re: nForce 550/570 drivers support?
2.6.16 and later kernels already have support for nForce5 motherboard chipsets. There are no current plans to release updated NFORCE drivers.


jiakomo 07-08-06 01:31 PM

Re: nForce 550/570 drivers support?
Hi Lonni,
Yes, I know there is support by the open-source community but sometimes these drivers don 't work at all or are buggy. (I have first-hand experience that 's why I am posting here:( )

I was hoping there would be an alternative for these problems by nvidia "official" linux drivers like there is for nforce4 motherboards.

netllama 07-08-06 01:52 PM

Re: nForce 550/570 drivers support?
The same applies for the nForce4 motherboards.

If you're having a problem with forcedeth, please elaborate on what it is, along with the version of forcedeth you're using.


jiakomo 07-08-06 02:39 PM

Re: nForce 550/570 drivers support?
After many hours of searching on the net I have finally found a solution to my linux network problems.

The version of forcedeth I 'm using has a bug if you dual boot to Windows. Windows leaves the network card in a state that forcedeth can't access and only disconnecting the power supply for 15 seconds will reset it!

Thanks Lonni for your replies.

floppyp 01-16-07 01:40 PM

Re: nForce 550/570 drivers support?
As I have the same problem that after a reboot I need to unplug the power supply. That is not a real solution is there another way to get around it. I have 10 pc's with the same problem. People don't want to unplug the power after using Windows.

netllama 01-16-07 01:52 PM

Re: nForce 550/570 drivers support?
This bug was resolved quite a while ago. Anyone using the latest forcedeth (0.60) shouldn't have this problem any longer.

floppyp 01-17-07 03:52 AM

Re: nForce 550/570 drivers support?
I found the driver can you tell me how to compile it ? I tried to compile it but I get an awfull lot of errors.

bigjoe4265 02-14-07 11:36 PM

Re: nForce 550/570 drivers support?

I'm still experiencing what appears to be this very problem with forcedeth. I have an ASUS M2N-E mobo running FC-6/XP dual-boot. The workaround I found was to add this to modprobe.conf. Can anyone verify?

"options forcedeth msi=0 msix=0"


netllama 02-14-07 11:39 PM

Re: nForce 550/570 drivers support?
If you need to set those options, then you're hitting a separate, unrelated issue which is a known motherboard BIOS bug.


theclassicalgod 03-29-07 05:15 PM

Re: nForce 550/570 drivers support?
I've come across the same problem.

I've got a nForce 570 SLIT-A motherboard. Trying to dual-boot Debian and XP, I run into an error for the network drivers detection. And it won't find my partition either, but that's a different problem. :)

I tried both the cd and the binaries, hopeing there may be more drivers, but it stops in the same place.

I know this is a bit off topic from the thread, but can anyone tell me what the partition needs to be formatted to. I've tried FAT32, NTFS, and just leaving it unformatted. Wouldn't pick up on any of them.

Sorry to act like such a noob, but i've only used live versions in the past and that was with a whole different machine and a year or so ago.

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