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gutiers 07-08-06 04:25 PM

Nvidia 1.0.-8762 gives black screen in GeForce FX Go5200.
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Hi, I'm setting up a laptop (Toshiba Tecra M2) using a custom Debian kernel I compiled. It worked fine with the nv drivers but I want to use an external projector and the Tecra comes with a GeForce FX Go5200, so I need the nvidia drivers. I downloaded 1.0-8762 since it's the latest at the time of this message.

Nvidia's 1.0-8762 installed with no (apparent) problems but whenever gdm kicks in I get a black screen and no messages in the log files. I read the documentation provided by Nvidia and thought it might be related to AGP but I tried all options shown in the documentation and nothing works. Yet /proc/drivers/nvidia/agp/status indicates "Disabled".

I even ran the installer with the --update option and then I got a message telling me that runlevel couldn't be found. I tried to obtain the nvidia-bug-report but it was not installed on my computer as the documentation suggests. http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/images/icons/icon5.gif

I'm attaching my Xorg.0.log, xorg.conf, and /proc/driver/nvidia/registry files. Please help!

gutiers 07-10-06 01:15 PM

Re: Nvidia 1.0.-8762 gives black screen in GeForce FX Go5200.
Problem Solved! Since this is the first time I recur to this forum I logged directly into the legacy graphics cards section. After logging in again I could see the notes by zander in the NVIDIA Linux forum. The particular problem was that I had not uninstalled nvidia-glx with the --purge option. As soon as the conflicting files were removed I had X again.

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