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Tuork 07-10-06 11:50 AM

Adding software on Fedora Core 5
As you can probably tell from the great number of linux questions I'm making, I having quite a bit of trouble.... :(

I need to check and see I've installed all necesary packages for PHP, MySQL and Apache, but I am unable to enter the "Add/Remove Software" under "Applications".

Whenever I go in I get the message "Unable to retrieve software information" and it then exits.

This is not as urgent seeing as I have already set up apache+mysql+php, but it still pretty annoying.

Also, after googling for some time, people keep mentioning something about repositories. What are they/what do they do?

Also, I would appreciate it if you check out my other thread, here

Thank you, yet again.

dirk5673 07-10-06 02:13 PM

Re: Adding software on Fedora Core 5
apt-cache search mysql
apt-get install mysql-server
or something similar

Tuork 07-10-06 02:21 PM

Re: Adding software on Fedora Core 5
Apparently what I was missing was a proper internet connection. Now that I have done so, I can access the said application without a problem.

Thanks anyway!

Actually, if you have any guides on software installs on Fedora Core and general know-hows, I wouldn't complain :D

Nandro 07-10-06 03:01 PM

Re: Adding software on Fedora Core 5
dirk5673 - do the apt commands work on fedora? I thought they were debian commands?

dirk5673 07-10-06 04:03 PM

Re: Adding software on Fedora Core 5
I think fedora uses apt and yum.

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