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paul_47 02-08-03 10:10 PM

mandrake 9 startup problem
hi all

i'm rather new to linux and after trying and failing to install (and get working) mandrake 7 a while back, i thought i'd give the most recent version of mandrake a go. it was all good except X had issues and complained about not being able to find a device. i went and grabbed the nvidia linux drivers for my gf4 ti4200 and installed them. they seemed to work and now i get that nvidia logo but then nothing happens. it pops up about 3 times then dumps me back to the console login screen. i've never ever even had a sniff of KDE or GNOME or whatever other graphical environment. isnt there meant to be some pretty GUI type login screen? preferably with a penguin... also running X from the command line results in a crummy black screen where i can move the mouse around... yay...

if anyone can help i'd greatly appreciate it. if u need more info to help me then just say the word.


devnull 02-08-03 10:40 PM

I forget exactly what the file is called, but it's some log file in /var/log... I believe it's XF86-9.log or something like that. But go to /var/log and type in the console

view ./XF86-9.log (or whatever the file is called... do an ls on the dir first.)

Check for any lines beginning with (EE), those denote errors. You should be getting something like this:

(EE) Failed to initialize the nvidia kernel module!
(EE) Aborting...

(EE) Screens found, but none have a usable configuration.

If this is the case, and you're running the latest drivers (the 4192's I believe they are), you must change nvidia to NVdriver. Nvidia will not work on the latest drivers.

If you're using some other version, I don't know what to tell you. I'm having that same problem with the 3123s on my P4 1.6, but they installed fine on my P3 1GHz. Go figure.

devnull 02-08-03 11:04 PM

Hey check my post entitled "What's the deal? <blabla>" it has your answers there.

bwkaz 02-09-03 09:14 AM

Umm... I don't know if this is the same problem as you were seeing, devnull.

paul_47: Post your /var/log/XFree86.0.log file. If you're seeing the nVidia logo, then the kernel module is loading and initializing properly (at least, I think so). It seems there may be some other issue here... In any case, the log file will point to it.

paul_47 02-09-03 08:42 PM

its alright now.. i've managed to fix the problem...

if anyone else has the same problem this is what i did.
it turns out that X was actually fine and there were no errors reported in the /var/log/XFree86.0.log file. somehow, i had managed to install the driver properly. where the error was was in running kdm. in the kdm.log file it whinged about not being able to find nvGL.so.1.2 or some such file. so in my boredom and annoyance i just went and looked where i untarred the GL part of the driver and in the usr/lib (or something like that) directory there was an nvGL.so.1.1.xxxx where i can't remember the number but i just copied that over to the path where kdm.log wanted the file and renamed it to ....so.1.2 and then ran kdm and presto.. it worked.. so now i'm in GUI customisation bliss...

thanks for the assistance

bwkaz 02-09-03 09:54 PM

For a test, does tuxracer work? If you don't have it installed, either check your distro's CDs, or try glxgears instead. glxgears will print its frames per second every 5 seconds -- I've noticed that the second update (and all of them thereafter) are usually higher than the first. For tuxracer, if you get more than one frame every 3 seconds, the drivers should be working fine.

paul_47 02-11-03 01:00 AM

its all good. everything is running silky smooth. :D

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