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alperuzi 02-08-03 11:02 PM

Nvnews integration with Trilllian Pro
I have just noticed this, when u enter the address of an rdf file in trillians news plugin, u get the latest news from that site. I have found these kind of features for Slashdot and ShareReactor. Does Nvnews also have something like that? can it? will it? It would be great if it did...


volt 02-08-03 11:11 PM

That would be a great feature, although it needs some special script to be installed on the server which we obviously don't have heh

LORD-eX-Bu 02-08-03 11:50 PM

I just use Klipfolio, heh, I'm not too involved with that, but you can download klips heh that update you with the latest news from sites that use em', eh, I think the only nv-oriented site that uses em' is NVMAX. But then agian, there is probably a way better method of getting this, I just don't know it hehehe :D

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