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devilsbutt 07-11-06 04:35 AM

SLI / Suse10.1 Installation
First of all: Sorry for my broken english.

Second :) ... is it generelly possible to use SLI with Suse10.1?
I read a lot of topics everywhere around the Web.

Nobody really knows how to install an SLI System on Suse 10.1

My configuration:
Suse 10.1
Gnome + gcc + compiz + xgl + kernel-source ... (like in nvidia instruction)
AMD64 X2 4200+
2x GeForce 6800XT with SLI Bridge
1 GB RAM ...

I use the instruction of the latest nvidia installation
1) sh NVIDIA... .sh -q
2) sax2 -r -m 0=nvidia --> i saw that all of the 2 cards are activated (Configuration is on Card2?)

I disabled the 2nd card an use only one card --> Suse Gnome started.
I enabled the 3D Acceleration --> Suse X Server can not start

I am just confused in all i read ... I dont know what can I believe or what can i do know. --> i want to use XGL --> dont work --> i want to use SLI --> dont work

Can anyone please help me :(

Chalnoth 07-14-06 04:57 AM

Re: SLI / Suse10.1 Installation
Well, I've gotten SuSE 10.1 to run on an SLI rig, but haven't yet gotten it to enable SLI (though I only barely tried...it might work simply after doing what I write below).

Anyway, the first problem that I had was that upon running SaX2, SuSE would select the second video card as being the primary. To ameliate this, I ran SaX2 with the following:
SaX2 -c 0

...this tells SaX2 to only initialize one of the video cards, the first one. This is, I believe, actually what you want to do to get SLI to work.

One other thing, if the X server is actually not starting, the log in /var/log should give some hints as to where it's going wrong. One thing that happens frequently with this kind of setup if it's not configured quite right is that the screen will go blank upon starting X (though X will be running).

devilsbutt 07-18-06 05:49 AM

Re: SLI / Suse10.1 Installation
I got running one videocard via sax2 like you're telling

sli is not working --> dont know how to do this...
i really dont know ... anyone know this

I cant believe that there is no installation-guide using SLI
Are Linux Users not interested in new technology?

sorry for "flaming" --> I'm very bad mooded after 2 weeks installation problems :(

zander 07-18-06 06:13 AM

Re: SLI / Suse10.1 Installation
@devilsbutt: please describe the problems with SLI and Xgl in more detail (i.e. please be more specific than don't work) and generate/attach an nvidia-bug-report.log file that captures the problem (please see http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=46678). Please also attach the output of `lspci -tn`.

Chalnoth 07-18-06 06:47 AM

Re: SLI / Suse10.1 Installation

Originally Posted by devilsbutt
I cant believe that there is no installation-guide using SLI
Are Linux Users not interested in new technology?

Well, nah, it's more that I'm a few hundred miles away from my SLI system at the moment :) I'm probably going to see if I can't get SLI to work myself once I get back.

devilsbutt 07-19-06 06:36 AM

Re: SLI / Suse10.1 Installation
k, i will post it this evening

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