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RUSTY 02-08-03 11:17 PM

SUSE 8.1 and 4191
Has anyone installed suse 8.1 and 4191 drivers ???

TA00 02-09-03 04:29 AM


GF4 MX440
AMD XP 2000
own 2.4.19 kernel
TV works

I'm using the tar-file instead of the rpm-packeage. The only problem is that I must compile the tar-file every time I recompile my kernel.

If you want to know something special - just ask.

regards Christoph

DrOMM 02-10-03 05:11 AM

It works flawlessly for me with Suse 8.1 and a Geforce 4 TI 4200 8x.

I simply used the rpms provided by nvidia after having uninstalled the old drivers. Because of the kernel changes, a restart is necessary, though.


JRaskey 02-10-03 08:09 PM


How did you install the 4191 drivers? Thru Yast? Did you install them in run level 3? I am running suse 8.1 with the 3123 drivers running fine. Has any one noticed a improvement in preformance with the 4191 drivers? Just courious.

TA00 02-11-03 12:10 AM

You must !! install the driver in runlevel 3 otherwise you could not chage the nv-kernelmodule it's used !!!
I download the tar-file - change to /tmp - then tar xfz NVID... (both kernel and glx) - change to the directories - type make and make install - that's all.
If I compile my kernel new or install some new software (with yast), I have to do it again because make modules_install remove the nv-kernelmodul and yast sometimes unlink the glx. But thats no problem.
I use the rpm-packeges of the older driver before but I have problems with TV out.
Now everthing works - but I'm not playing game with my computer so I don't know if there are problems. In the X window "gears &" shows about 2700 f/s.

regards Christoph

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