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RUSTY 02-08-03 11:21 PM

New Dirvers
Does anyone know when the new drivers are coming out
(not 4191:) newer ones:>>


bwkaz 02-09-03 09:12 AM

nVidia probably does.

But they'll tell us when they actually come out, and not earlier. On the driver page, there's a mailing list you can join if you want to get announcements on new versions.

Cheshiremackat 02-09-03 02:20 PM

Real Soon Now...

I bet not before atleast ONE of the below;

1) GeforceFX actually ships (new drivers for peak performance)

2) RedHat takes Phoebe out of Beta (4191 came out not too long after 8.0, and I bet that NV is waiting for 8.1 to fix the 2D problems, but don;t want to try to fix before 8.1 final incase something breaks...)


bwkaz 02-09-03 06:47 PM

The other thing with that is, if the kernel of 8.1 final contains the same 2.5 backports that the current betas contain, nVidia will have to rewrite their NVIDIA_kernel package to work with it. They may be waiting until RH 8.1 final is released so that they can find out exactly which features got backported, and which ones they need to therefore change.

This is all pure speculation by me, though, of course. ;)

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