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MikeC 07-11-06 10:55 AM

Multi-GPU World Tour 2006
As many of you have noticed we have been sporting a banner promoting something called The Definitive Multi GPU World Tour. Today it is kicked off by Joshua Walrath of Penstarsystems. What do you think?


Stay tuned for nVnews part of this project coming soon. :)

Bit-Tech adds their part.


Part 3 is now up at Bjorn3d on motherboards.


HardInfo adds part four:


NeoSeeker adds part 5:


nV News part 6 is posted:


Part 7 at Legit:


Part8 at Rage3d:


Part 9: The Conclusion:


OWA 07-11-06 11:55 AM

Re: World To Tour Goes live!!!
Here is the timeline from the PenStar kickoff article.


The articles from the other member sites will be released every other day, throughout the work week. Weekends will not see new articles, unless there is a delay in getting a particular article out. This Wednesday we will see Bit-Tech cover the GPU choices in depth, and this Friday B jorn3D will cover the motherboards used and their performance and feature-sets relative to each other. The Monday after that will see the start the graphics testing with Hard-Info, and will continue on through the Conclusion provided by Guru3D.

PeterJensen 07-11-06 01:25 PM

Re: World To Tour Goes live!!!
What is this?

OWA 07-11-06 02:28 PM

Re: World To Tour Goes live!!!
Read the article from the link provided. Josh explains the whole thing (basically setting up all the other parts that will be coming soon).

wollyka 07-11-06 06:11 PM

Re: World To Tour Goes live!!!
good read! waiting for the other parts :)

Lfctony 07-12-06 01:13 AM

Re: World To Tour Goes live!!!
Great stuff, looking forward to the next part. Go nvnews! :)

OWA 07-12-06 09:32 PM

Re: World Tour Goes live!!!
Nice article by Bit-Tech. It's cool seeing so many sites cooperating for this. Nice change of pace. :)

MikeC 07-22-06 10:51 AM

Re: World Tour Goes live!!!
Quoted from NeoSeeker:

"Our contribution has us looking at a rough cross section of a few of the most played multiplayer games on both XFire and Gamespy, though we do cover a couple more recent high profile titles such as Oblivion. Not surprisingly, the titles at the top of XFire and Gamespy's list are not at the very bleeding edge of graphics - they require a certain amount of horsepower certainly, but these games are played by a wide range of users who have a variety of system capabilities. This puts our particular tests in a less exciting light as far as sheer horsepower tests are concerned, but it does make these results highly relevant and representative of what a large gaming audience can expect from Multi-GPU setups"

Blacklash 07-22-06 10:59 AM

Re: World Tour Goes live!!!
IMO nVidia really hit a home run with the 7950 GX2. I love this card.

MikeC 07-22-06 11:05 AM

Re: World Tour Goes live!!!

Originally Posted by Malficar
IMO nVidia really hit a home run with the 7950 GX2. I love this card.

For the price and performance it is the leader. :)

superklye 07-22-06 11:06 AM

Re: World Tour Goes live!!!
Yeah, brining SLI to the masses is awesome. Roughly the price of a single GTX (okay, it's a bit more, but still) and you get two of them. I wonder what ATI is going to do to counter, if anything?

This world tour is a really cool idea and a really great read! :D

Rytr 07-22-06 11:30 AM

Re: World Tour Goes live!!!
I think this was a great idea!
Having read through the substantial info on the systems, motherboards, graphics, SLI and Crossfire, single card setups, and common benchmarks. I am looking forward to uncommon benchmark and application results. I know MikeC has been putting a lot of time in setting up various card configurations on different motherboards. The uncommon benchmarks and applications results coming from three different sites should prove to be interesting and I believe will be most informative.

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