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guy.chatel 07-14-06 02:47 PM

quadro fx4400 and transparency
Hi all,

i'am using a quadro fx4400 under linux (RH3 update 4) operating system (platform DELL PRECISION 670), with two screens (1280x1024) and TwinView mode enabled. Please can you explain me how to setup my XF86config file in order to define a transparency color (R=1, G=1, B=254).

Thanks in advance.

netllama 07-14-06 03:04 PM

Re: quadro fx4400 and transparency
I'm not clear on your question. There's nothing in an X configuration to define a "transparent color". This sounds like an application specific programming issue.

What is the problem that you're trying to solve?


guy.chatel 07-16-06 05:01 AM

Re: quadro fx4400 and transparency
Hi Lonni,

Actually, i want to usee the "Overlay" feature of my graphic card. Basically, my application is a map with a color for the ground parts and a blue (r=1, g=1, b=254) for the see, and i want to use this blue color (or another one) to be transparent in order to be avble to display other information in overlay.

Thanks for your time,

netllama 07-16-06 10:17 AM

Re: quadro fx4400 and transparency
Thanks for clarifying. The Overlay option in a boolean. Your application needs to be written to provide the transparency effect that you're seeking.


guy.chatel 07-19-06 04:40 PM

Re: quadro fx4400 and transparency
Hi Lonni,

A few word about my issue... i thonk that my problem is now fixed.

I tried to run my sample application on my personal computer - dell xps running a Mandriva LE2005 and equiped witha fx6800, but only one display - and no problem...

So i tried again with the right computer with a simple XF86Config file in order to drive only one display... no more problem neither with this material.

So clearly the problem was in the way i used the two displays. Finally, i desabled the TwinView mode and anabled the Xinerama...and now it works fine.

Thanks again for your time

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