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Xanni 07-15-06 10:44 PM

Black text consoles with 1.0-8762
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When I switch to a text console or when X exits, I only get a black screen with the nvidia driver 1.0-8762. Switching back to X with control-F7 works fine. nvidia driver 1.0-7667 worked fine, as does the "nv" driver. I have an IBM ThinkPad G41 with a GeForce FX Go5200.

rbachl 07-16-06 02:49 AM

Re: Black text consoles with 1.0-8762
It seems I am having the same problem, but I thought it is specific to my motherboard with GE6150 graphics chip, see the thread in this forum on
"Ge6150: Switching back to console fails".

Maybe I should try the old version of the nvidia drivers. Starting X with generic vesa drivers (which is done with the Live CDs) is also avoiding the console problem. I am hoping for some update from nVidia though.

netllama 07-16-06 10:27 AM

Re: Black text consoles with 1.0-8762
Does this problem persist if you replace splash with "video=vga16fb:off vga=normal" in your GRUB/LILO configuration and reboot?

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