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Geordan 07-17-06 07:42 PM

Frame rate cap in Wow
Hey anyone know how to disable the framerate cap in Wow?



-=DVS=- 07-17-06 08:19 PM

Re: Frame rate cap in Wow
They made cap for users with dual core , who had no idea how to set affinity option , screwd rest of us though.
Don't think its possible to work around it , must be buildin in the engine , maybe if someone figures out a way to mask the presence of dual core cpu's !

Geordan 07-18-06 03:33 PM

Re: Frame rate cap in Wow
thanks. Unfortunate situation.


Tr1cK 07-18-06 09:18 PM

Re: Frame rate cap in Wow
The cap is 64 fps...why do you need more?

leafo 07-19-06 06:46 PM

Re: Frame rate cap in Wow
Maybe to benchmark?

Tr1cK 07-20-06 11:54 AM

Re: Frame rate cap in Wow

Originally Posted by leafo
Maybe to benchmark?

There's too many variables in MMOs to accurately benchmark. It either runs well or it doesn't. WOWs graphics engine is so basic that any dx9 card should be able to blow through it. CPU horsepower and RAM is what this game really needs.

jolle 07-22-06 12:38 PM

Re: Frame rate cap in Wow
Disabling the "/usepmtimer" in boot.ini will remove the cap I think (not tried it tho), since it disables, atleast parts of, the AMD X2 driver..
unless its that XP hotfix that causes it..
Tho I have to say 64fps works just fine for me.

Tr1cK 07-22-06 01:03 PM

Re: Frame rate cap in Wow
It doesn't work jolle, tried it.

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