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neilmac 07-18-06 04:35 PM

TnT2 Pro and Ubuntu: any help appreciated
Hi folks
Can anybody help with this?
I installed Ubuntu last week on an old machine with a TnT2 Pro card and a Gateway FPD1500 monitor.
I have had a lot of help from the guys at the Taz Forum but there's something which has stumped us.
I can get the proper 1024x768 resolution but the screen is split so that the top third is below the bottom two thirds. As I decrease the resolution the percentage of the top screen at the bottom decreases until everything looks normal at 640x480.
I have followed a lot of advice without success. I tried installing the legacy driver as described in the Ubuntu forums and also ran the script from http://www.albertomilone.eu/europeo/..._scripts1.html
Whenever I try to install the legacy driver and change xorg.conf from nv to nvidia the system disables the xserver, I have to configure it again and I am back where I started.
Also, I tried xvidtune with no discernible result.
I am a complete Ubuntu/Linux noob and have no experience of it so go easy on me. But if you have any ideas or have had experience of this problem, it would be great to hear from you.

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