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ssu 07-20-06 06:45 PM

Static version of nVidia driver
Hi there,

Is there a way to get libGL.a and libGLU.a for nvidia driver? I have an application that is using the static library, namely vis5d....

For some reason, installation of nvidia driver on i386 platform only get .so files and not the .a files

Any suggestions is very much appreciated.

Thank you


Thunderbird 07-21-06 01:42 AM

Re: Static version of nVidia driver
I doubt the program really needs static libraries. When a program uses a static library, the functionality which the program needs from a similar shared library (.so) is actually copied inside the program itself. A program using a static library doesn't need the library anymore as it integrated it in itself.

It sounds like you are having a compile error, perhaps there's some mesa stuff left. In any case I think this program should be able to build with shared libraries.

Even if your program really needs static libraries (which I doubt) then Nvidia will most likely never provide static libraries. It makes it easier to reverse engineer the drivers (decompiling) and second it is a license problem. If their libraries would be linked with a GPLed program that would be a serious issue.

Linuxhippy 07-21-06 05:39 AM

Re: Static version of nVidia driver
I think largest problem is that an opengl library should never ever be statically linked ... it contains hardware specific stuff -> bad idea ;)

lg Clemens

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