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Temporal 02-10-03 02:11 PM

Which Linux should I get.
I have 2 PC's. One lousy one (AMD K6-2 500[Underclocked to 400]) with an ATI Rage IIC (Only drivers are 2D), Nic card and an AMD Athlon XP 2000+ with a kickin' NVidia GeForce4 (TV out), firewire, usb, bluetooth, NIC... just basically my dream PC. My problem is I can't use it. It's in one room and my lousy PC is in another. I have permission to put in my own hard drive and linux on it. So basically two questions.<HR>
#1... Which linux do I use... I've been thinking SUSE(By process of elimination) but someone complained about the current linux driver not working with the non-bugged kernel. <BR><HR>

#2 How do I get the power of my Living Room PC through my ethernet cable (2 NIC cards and a crossover cable) to my lousy pc. I just want to send 2D images because... Well even if there is lag... serving the video is still faster then letting my ATI Rage IIC (Not) Handle it. The CPU would be forced to do ALL the 3D encoding and... that just won't do. Keep in mind that I still need to be able to use the power of the NVidia and the processor. Basically all I'm trying to do is use the lousy PC as a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and maybe parallel port because I have the wickedest controller (PSX). I haven't even installed it yet because... well... XP isn't cooperating. It won't use the modem and my mother (who really didn't even pay for the PC!) is really LOUD. So basically when we argue I lose... and go partially deaf. I can't get the networking under XP/98 to work so I'm going to install linux on both machines via FTP. Now a new problem arises.

#2.5 A small other problem that I have is that I use MSN servers to get to the internet. Their PPP servers may give me a bit of trouble when installing. If anyone has the solution... just tell me. I want linux really bad and want to learn OpenGL programming.

# Eratta: Also if anyone has the linux drivers for those buttons on those keyboards that use Airboard Manager (Wireless IR 3 button) I would appreciate it. And I'm not sure if the Modem on the other one works so if anyone knows how to have modem data sent through ethernet as well as everything else I mentioned... Speak UP.

# Speaking of speaking. My little tip. For the ViaVoice RPM go to the XVoice yahoo e-group and search for download. :) Not sure if it's the full thing or an upgrade. It begins with www6.ibm.com/ :) Have a nice day.

bwkaz 02-10-03 04:42 PM

You have MSN?

Good luck.

I don't think it'll work, just due to the simple fact that Microsoft owns MSN, but if you can get it to, I'm sure a lot of other people would be interested in how...

As far as the modem goes, it may be a Winmodem, especially if it wasn't detected at installation, but it might just be that you need to turn OFF "PnP OS" in the BIOS. This won't affect Windows. If it's a Winmodem, you will have more luck finding a driver at linmodems.org.

Wait a minute, are you planning on running 2 OS'es at the same time on the big computer? You can't do that. You can't run Linux on your monitor and still have Windows on the other one...

KingFish 02-10-03 04:46 PM


well, I may be unable to give you any specific answers to your questiosn but some month ago I was at the same problem: which linux distro should I choose?
I tried SuSE, RedHat and Debian. And don't sue me if this is to less, but soon I recognized: Debian is a bad-ass! You have to work yourself into it but after you solved this hard beginning, you're going to love `Debian's way`.
Compete installation over internet (something SuSE is not capable of (god, I tried), though, while you're able to get RedHat's full isos on their server), complete dependable package system, any prog you can imagine, very stable `unstable` release :D (yeah, I tried all of them, stable, testing and unstable and I have to say: unstable beats anything! and of course my box isn't crashing at all)
You may want to investigate more distros like Mandrake, Slackware or the 'brand new' Gentoo (heard very good comments about it). Also, try SuSE and RedHat.
From my experience there is no PERFECT distro, you have to try several out and then choose the one you liked most (it's the same with X Window managers, though ;) )
Good luck & have fun with linux, it rocks ass!


Temporal 02-11-03 10:30 AM

MSN is not the problem... I'm pretty sure I can get it running once I get Xwindows up. If not I have a Win98 PC I can use to serve the net and I'm pretty sure Wine/WineX can be used to run one of the ISP's. Already knew about the linmodem website... but thanks for the PNP OS off info... try it when I get home. Debian and SUSE look like the winners. Already tried Redhat back in 5.2... And as far as running them on the same PC at the same time "YES YOU CAN!" It's called CYGWIN. Just dump the CYGWIN window on to one screen and use the other window for XP. Sure it's won't do everything that linux will... but if you're really really dumb and can't bear to leave XP then it'll work. Otherwise... get it anyway because you may be forced to use windows sometime.

I was actually planning a dual boot. Some things I need to know. Are Pthreads in the standard kernel (assumed yes... no need to reply if they are). Also as far as compilation goes... I have had no experience. Never even used make on windows.

Oh and linux does not rock ass... it does kick it... but not rock it. From my experience Windows just keeps getting worse and worse. Win98 still works better than XP on any machine I've seen... with the exception of one dell. Personally... I'm too fast for windows. I can make even the most stable windows PC crash in a few of surfing the net.

I'm going to try to get the Sun speech recognition up and running on the lousy PC/terminal I'm using to my good PC. So basically I need an AMD K6-2 400 to do speech recognition, transmit mouse and keyboard data and recieve screen data. <Where I need help. As well as running a java VM for speech recognition. (Going to try to compile into and call from terminal... May be a while before I try it.)
OS - SUSE or Debian (But would really like Redhat RPM compatibility and ViaVoice compatibility).
Filesystem - Debating between Ext3 and ReiserFS. Metadata journaling on both. Can I have both on the same system. Maybe an Ext3 partition for critical data with metadata and data journaling and a ReiserFS partition for speed.
Addin's... or attempts at - ViaVoice RPM from IBM website.
Wine Version - Standard Wine until I learn more about it then I will compile OpenGL into WineX.
Monitor/Keyboard - Attached to a differrent PC.
Alternate plan - Write a VT370(Or was that 352?) emulator. Full color (even if it's lousy.)
Window Manager - Gnome... with option to start as diferrent user with KDE.
Videogame Controller - PSX on LPT, possibly powerglove or P5 Glove if linux drivers get written... then I'll buy it.
CD-RW - On lousy machine.
DVD-Rom - On best machine.

What I need help with is accessing the machine from my room... or setting it up for that. The VNC website was down at last check.

bwkaz 02-11-03 11:26 AM

Cygwin != Linux on Windows.

Cygwin is a set of tools that makes the Windows environment look and act like a POSIX-compliant one (which is my favorite reason for when people say that NT is POSIX-compliant -- if it was fully-POSIX, then why would Cygwin be required?).

It's one of those minor gotchas...

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