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qkaq 07-26-06 04:06 AM

nvnet works only once
I've got a mobo (Gigabyte GA-K8N51GMF-9)with nforce4 and installed ubuntu dapper 6.06. I've installed nforce drivers, changed all necessary files loaded module nvnet and restarted net. Everything was OK untill I powered off my computer. Next I booted it up nvnet module was loaded but NIC didn't work. Only drivers reinstalling has helped, but only untill turn off the pc. Any ideas?

qkaq 07-28-06 06:07 AM

Re: nvnet works only once
I've already found solution: you should unload and then load again module nvnet. After that you should restart network and it's OK. So wrote very small scirpt to do it while system starts up. But I still don't know why it's necessary to do it this way...:confused:

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