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btoa 07-26-06 08:56 PM

GeForce 6200 Problem Need Help PLs...
I've just bought a new GeForce 6200 agp 8x 256 DDR published by Digital Alliance..
I'm using :
OS : Window XP Home Edition SP 1
MotherBoard : ASus a7v8x-x
Processor : AMD AThlon XP 2200
Memory : VGen 512 mb DDR PC 3200
Hard Disk SeaGate 40 GB 7200

And I Got A problem.. Everytime i run an application that might need the VGA to Work.. THe application just halt by itself ( it goes back to desktop ) and when i want to configure the resolution inside 1 game ( in this case warcraft , i go to option and my computer got Blue screen and says

i'm Using Forceware 84.21 ...

anyone can tell me why this happen?is mY MB Is not compatible with my VGA?
Or my Driver is not compatible with my OS???Please Help me i haven't use the VGA for 1 day when i post this -.-" Thx for any attention

stncttr908 07-26-06 11:00 PM

Re: GeForce 6200 Problem Need Help PLs...
First of all, update to SP2. Second of all, are you upgrading from a different brand GPU? For example, ATI?

btoa 07-26-06 11:11 PM

Re: GeForce 6200 Problem Need Help PLs...
No, I'm upgrading from geForce 4 MX 4000 128 agp
Is SP 2 will work well? Because my laptop is SP 2 Home Edition and my ADSL Modem not work on my laptop...

When i use MX 4000, it has no compatibility at all with XP Home.. My Computer always get blue screen of death said that
and it also happen with my new VGA...

I'm totally confuse T_T:( :(

nV`andrew 07-27-06 01:22 AM

Re: GeForce 6200 Problem Need Help PLs...
SP2 will work fine. maybe its something with your network card or port or SOMETHYING thats not allowing ur modem to work with ur laptop, tis not the windows build pack version thats gonna do it, tis sumthing else. so yes, get SP2

btoa 07-27-06 01:33 AM

Re: GeForce 6200 Problem Need Help PLs...
So the problem is about my window? not the driver nor the VGA it self??
Then i'll try to find the SP 2 Window XP Home.....
and also anyone can tell me what is the best driver for geForce 6200 256 mb agp 8x??
Thx for any attention

btoa 07-27-06 04:59 AM

Re: GeForce 6200 Problem Need Help PLs...
i've change my OS into XP Professional SP 2 but stilll i can't open any application that need VGA to run it..
Anyone please help me....i Don't Know What to do...T_T

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